Past Events - 1997

Past Events in 1997

sponsored by ERCIM SOFSEM'97 XXIVth Seminar on Current Trends in Theory and Practice if Informatics, Milovy, Czech Republic, 22-29 November 1997 [report]
ERCIM event Fifth DELOS Workshop on Collaborative Filtering, Budapest, Hungary, 10-12 November 1997 [report]
ERCIM event 3rd ERCIM Workshop on "USER INTERFACES FOR ALL", near Strasbourg, France, 3-4 November 1997 [report]
ERCIM event ERCIM Working Group on Constraints Workshop, held in conjunction with CP 97
Linz, Austria, 27-28 October 1997 [report]
sponsored by ERCIM LAMPE'97 Lausanne - Atelier sur les Modeles de Pages Electroniques, Workshop on Electronic Page Models, Lausanne, Switzerland, 22-23 September 1997 [report]

sponsored by ERCIM ParCo97 - Parallel Computing 97, Bonn, 16-19 September 1997 [report]

ERCIM event 2nd ERCIM Environmental Modelling Group Workshop on Remote Sensing for Air Pollution Analysis at Computer Science for the Environment '97 , Strasbourg, France, 10 - 12 September 1997 [report]

sponsored by ERCIM EUROGRAPHICS'97, Budapest, Hungary, 4-8 September 1997 [report]

ERCIM event First European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, Pisa, Italy, 1-3 September 1997 [report]

ERCIM event Fourth DELOS Workshop on Image Indexing and Retrieval, Pisa, Italy, 28-30 August 1997 [report] [proceedings]

ERCIM event Second International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems, Cesena, 4-5 July, 1997 [report]

sponsored by ERCIM Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition, Prague, Czech Republic, 9-11 June 1997 [report]

ERCIM event1st ERCIM Environmental Modelling Group Workshop on Air Pollution Modelling, Berlin, 7 - 8 April 1997 [conference report]

ERCIM event Third DELOS Workshop on Cross Language Information Retrieval, Zurich, 5-7 March 1997 [conference report] [proceedings]

ERCIM event ERCIM Computer Graphics Network Workshop on Virtual Reality Modelling Language, Abingdon, UK, 29-30 January 1997 [report]