The ERCIM community is supported by a Consortium of two bodies:

  • ERCIM AISBL an international non for profit association under Belgian law, carrying on the activities of ERCIM concerning collaborative research, networking, and support.
  • ERCIM EEIG, the European Economic Interest Grouping, responsible for managing the ERCIM Office and hosting the W3C European Host.

The ERCIM association is managed by the Board of the Association composed of:

  • Jos Baeten, CWI, President
  • Björn Levin, SICS: Vice-President
  • Christos Koulamas, ISI: Treasurer
  • Jerzy Tiuryn, University of Warsaw: Secretary
  • Bruno Sportisse, Inria, President ERCIM EEIG

and in addition:

  • Dimitris Plexousakis, ICS-FORTH, responsible for scientific aspects (projects, working groups)
  • Claude Kirchner, Inria, responsible for human capital
  • Andreas Rauber, SBA, responsible for outreach.

The majority of these board members lead a task group consisting of ERCIM member representatives or substitutes.

The ERCIM EEIG is governed by the EEIG Board of Directors composed of:

  • Bruno Sportisse, Inria, President
  • Dieter Fellner, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  • Domenico Laforenzw, IIT-CNR
  • Dimitris Plexousakis, ICS-FORTH

and its activities are carried out by an Executive Committee composed of:

  • Alexander Nouak, Fraunhofer, Chair
  • Thierry Priol, Inria
  • Fausto Rabitti, CNR
  • Yannis Tzitzikas, ICS-FORTH