Beyond Compliance: Draft of Scientific Program

Day 1: Monday, October 17th, 2022



9:00-9:15: Welcome words, organization, logistics

9:15-10:00: General overview, from Belmont to Menlo to what now?

What kind of ethics are we talking about?
Research ethics vs. research integrity vs. professional ethics
Data protection and security included?
What's specific to computer science research
Big issues, conference overview, objectives, etc.

10:15-12:15: Session 1
Strengthening research ethics review and oversight

What's the situation across Europe?


14:00-16:00: Session 2
Research ethics in a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural setting

Computer science and health
Lessons from bioethics and medethics
Industry-research collaboration
History of (medical?) ethics - Pro and cons of ethics considerations

16:15-18:15: Session 3
Research ethics in the era of big data and AI

EU AI regulation: what impact?

Day 2: Tuesday, October 18th, 2022


8:30-10:30: Session 4
Tutorial focusing on critical points

Q&A, young researchers session

10:45-12:45: Session 5
Raising awareness, fostering responsible research and identifying best practices


14:30-16:30: Session 6
New horizons, new challenges

Open science
Citizen Science
Bystander Risk
From "Anonymize and release" to "Penetrate and patch"
Ethics by design
Conference ethics assessment
GDPR and the research exemption

16:30-17:00: Closing remarks

Where do we go from here?
White paper? other productions?