Task Groups

ERCIM's activities are carried out and monitored by Task Groups. The leaders of these task groups are Board members. Task Group membership is by nomination by the respective task group leaders. Any employee of a member organisation can serve as a member of a task group. The current Task Groups are:

Strategy Task Group

considers ERCIM's strategy and overall objectives, including policy for new members.
Chair: Han la Poutré, CWI

Science Task Group

deals with 'ERCIM's scientific activities such as research project building and management, and ERCIM Working Groups
Chair: Dimitris Plexousakis, FORTH

Human Capital Task Group

is responsible for mobility of researchers in Europe, the ERCIM Fellowship Programme and the Cor Baayen Award
Chair: Monica Divitini, NTNU

Outreach Task Group

is responsible for all outreach activities including seminars, conferences, publications (including ERCIM News), ERCIM web sites, community building, etc.
Chair: Andreas Rauber (AARIT)