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Special: Smart Farming
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ERCIM - the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics - aims to foster collaborative work within the European research community and to increase co-operation with European industry. Leading European research institutes are members of ERCIM.

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The VRE4EIC project invites researchers to evaluate Virtual Research Environment architectures

VRE4EIC, an H2020 European research project, invites researchers to evaluate e-VRE, the Virtual Research Environment architecture developed by the project. The workshop will be held on 15 June in Edinburgh, in conjunction with IWSG’18, the 10th International Workshop on Science Gateways.

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Digitalisation of Seas and Oceans is the New Gold of the Future

“Supporting Blue Growth with innovative applications based on EU e-infrastructures” was the motto of the final event of the BlueBRIDGE project, held on 14-15 February 2018 with participation of over 50 stakeholders, including policy makers, marine and maritime data practitioners, representatives from research institutions, international organisations, governments and EU-funded initiatives.

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ERCIM-Blockchain 2018: Blockchain Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities for Computer Science Research


CWI, Amsterdam, 8-9 May 2018

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Call for Papers

With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has gained widespread attention by the general public. Major companies like Facebook have announced that they are considering significant projects based on this technology.

The purpose of this workshop is to look at what the general excitement about blockchain technologies means for computer science research and to identify the major research challenges in this area. The aim is to establish Blockchain Engineering as a new field of computer science research.

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Workshop on Data Privacy Controls and Vocabularies

SPECIAL Project Join us for our workshop on "Data Privacy Controls and Vocabularies" on 7–8 March 2018 Vienna, Austria. The workshop is held under the auspices of SPECIAL, one of the H2020 projects at ERCIM.

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Foreword from the President

josERCIM is a great organisation with a lot of potential. I am proud that I am the third CWI director since ERCIM’s foundation in 1989 who has become a President of ERCIM, after Cor Baayen and Gerard van Oortmerssen. I will outline my ideas on ERCIM’s strategy below.

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ERCIM News N°112
ERCIM News N°112 Special: Quantum Computing
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H2020 project management by ERCIM
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