Event Sponsorship

ERCIM occasionnally sponsors conferences, workshops and summer schools.
Applications for sponsorship are currently not possible


  • ERCIM sponshorship must be acknowledged in all official printed publicity material relating to the event
  • promotional and informational material received prior to event commencement must be distributed to the conference participants as a part of the participant's conference package
  • event organizers must provide free-of-charge attendance to one ERCIM representative, should ERCIM decide to send a PR person. They must also provide a booth in a reasonably prominent place, where this person can present and distribute further materials or provide further information to participants
  • event organizers must include the ERCIM logo with a link to ERCIM web pages on the title (reference) page of the conference for the period starting with successful PR sponsorship negotiation, for the remaining existence of these web pages.

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