New ERCIM Working Group "eMobility"

A new ERCIM Working Group "eMobility" was established in January 2007. The working group aims to develop a strategic basic research agenda and project proposals in the area of eMobility. To complement the activities of the eMobility European Technology Platform (ETP), the working group focusses on more (theoretical) basic research issues.

The goal are long-term research projects with a more academic background, without having any commercial constrains. A strong focus lies on research addressing social, environmental problems and disruptive technologies. The main topics of the working groups research are:

  • Applications & Services
  • Middleware & Security
  • Network Architectures & Technologies
  • Protocols.

Furthermore, the eMobility Working Group aims to disseminate research results on the field of mobile technologies and to organize workshops and conferences in that area.

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