ERCIM Working Group "Computing and Statistics" renamed

The ERCIM Working Group "Matrix Computations & Statistics" is changing its name to "COMPUTING & STATISTICS". The WG will expand its aims and scopes and attract more members from researchers working in the interface of computing and statistics.

The working group (WG) focuses on all computational aspects of statistics. Of particular interest is research in important statistical applications areas where both computing techniques and numerical methods have a major impact. The aim is twofold: first, to consolidate the research in computational statistics that is scattered throughout Europe; second to provide researches with a network from which they can obtain an unrivaled sources of information about the most recent developments in computational statistics and applications. Emphasis will given to computational methods with computational statisticians being the primary target of the WG.

The scope of the WG is broad enough to include members in areas of computing which have a major impact on statistical techniques and methods of data analysis. All aspects of statistics which make use, directly or indirectly, of computing are considered. Applications of computational statistics in diverse disciplines will be strongly represented. These areas include economics, medicine and epidemiology, biology, finance, physics, chemistry, climatology and communication.

The range of topics addressed and the depth of coverage will position the WG to be the essential research network in the niche area of advance computational and numerical methods in statistics.

The WG will comprise a number of tracks (subgroups, teams) in various research areas of Computational Statistics. The teams will act autonomously within the framework of the WG in order to promote their own research agenda. The activities of the teams -including research proposals- will be strongly endorsed by the WG. It is expected that the teams will be organizing sessions and workshops during the annual WG meeting.

There will be a strong link between the WG and CSDA - the Elsevier journal of "Computational Statistics & Data Analysis ( Specifically, it is expected that the members of the WG will be invited to contribute their papers to the CSDA. The Associate Editors of CSDA will be encouraged to create teams in their main expertise.
Those interested to be involved in the WG should contact Erricos Kontoghiorghes at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.