Forum Beyond Compliance 2024: Research Ethics in the Digital Age

Digital Ethics in Research

Budapest, 14-15 October 2024

For the third edition of the Forum, co-organized by ERCIM, SZTAKI, and the CCNE-numérique, the program will consist of invited presentations, invited contributions to round tables, a tutorial session, and selected contributions based on the answers to this call. The program will be structured into six topical sessions focusing on ethical issues in digital research about Cultural Influences, Democracy, Regulation Making, Cooperative Agents, Digital Health, and Emerging Topics; and two sessions for a Tutorial and Selected Contributions. We invite the community to propose contributions in the form of short presentations. These can include case study reports, novel developments from research projects, policy recommendations, or proposals and hypotheses put forward for discussion.

The organizing committee of the Beyond Compliance Forum is the Digital Ethics Task Group of ERCIM, currently composed of:
•    Christos Alexakos (ISI/ATHENA RC, Greece)
•    Emma Beauxis-Aussalet (VU, Netherlands)
•    Gabriel David (INESC TEC, Portugal)
•    Claude Kirchner (CCNE and Inria, France)
•    Guenter Koch (AARIT, Austria, and Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity, Spain)
•    Sylvain Petitjean (Inria, France)
•    Andreas Rauber (TU Wien, Austria)
•    Vera Sarkol (CWI, Netherlands)

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