Beyond Compliance - Season 2 - Forum on Digital Ethics in Research

Beyond ComplianceThe responsible and ethical conduct of research in science and engineering is critical for excellence, socially relevant impact and public trust. Digital and connected technologies have increasingly become intertwined with our individual and collective daily lives, mediating our communications, profiling our behaviours, changing how we think, live and act, and presenting new tensions that interrogate the applications of standard guiding ethical principles. Research in digital sciences - including computer science, automatic control, robotics and applied mathematics - raises many new ethical challenges resulting from interactions between humans and deep tech. Researchers in digital sciences face tough ethical questions in their daily activity for which there aren't yet consensual answers.

The ERCIM Ethics Working Group organises the second edition of the Forum on Digital Ethics in Research on 18-20 October 2023 in Porto. It aims at advancing the discussion about those challenges. There will be sessions on AI, from ethics to regulation / Inspiring trust in science in a digital world / Data protection in the age of AI and big data / Responsible use of generative AI in academia / Environmental research ethics / Ethical guidance and review for research beyond human subjects, as well as a Tutorial on research ethics in digital sciences.

The formu will be held in hybrid form to enable wider participation. Registration is free but mandatory.

Scientific program and registration at:

The forum is targeted at researchers and members of Research Ethics Committees. PhD students and young researchers are especially welcome and we may offer some funding to facilitate on site participation.