The Institute for Software Engineering and Software Technology of the University of Malaga Joins ERCIM 

The Institute of Software Engineering and Technology (ITIS, or ITIS Software) is a unit of the University of Malaga dedicated to scientific and technical research [L1]. The main objective of ITIS is to contribute to the development and application of software technologies through research, innovation, training, and technology transfer. Due to the transversal characteristics of software, the Institute is an interdisciplinary center in which specialists in different technological areas and application domains work together to advance these technologies. ITIS is oriented towards the foundations, tools, and applications of Software Technologies and Software Engineering for industry and society, with a special focus on five main areas: Automated Software Engineering, Data Science and Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Smart Networks and Services, and Applications of Software Technologies and Software Engineering. The working language at the Institute is English.

Pedro Merino, Director of ITIS (left) and Bjoern Levin, RISE, President of ERCIM
Pedro Merino, Director of ITIS (left) and Bjoern Levin, RISE, President of ERCIM.

ITIS research staff is composed by more than 50 doctors plus 50 PhD students and technicians. The unit has a large catalogue of open research infrastructures to support research on big data, security, fog computing, 5G & 6G and artificial intelligence.

ITIS is strongly committed to foster collaborations at the national and international levels both with companies and research institutions. The unit has R&D contracts with companies such as ABENGOA, ACERINOX, ADLINK, ATOS, DEKRA, EMERGIA, IBM, INDRA, KEYSIGT TECHNOLOGIES, ORANGE, TECNATOM, TELEFONICA, TELVENT, NEC LABS, NOKIA, and SIEMENS, among others. During the last five years the unit has been active in more than 20 European projects from H2020 and Horizon Europe, with special focus on 5G and 6G. ITIS is also active in international organizations like 5G IA &5G PPP, 6G IA & JU SNS, ETSI & 3GPP, Networld Europe, European Big Data Value Association (BDVA)/Robotics & Data, European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO), and now ERCIM. The average external funding of the Institute is 3,5M€ per year.

The Institute is located in Málaga. the capital of the Costa del Sol, in Andalusia, Spain [L2]. Málaga is a fantastic place to live and work, with an average temperature of 18ºC and a high quality of life. It is a cosmopolitan city, with an impressive history and an interesting present, both cultural and technological. Málaga is also home to the Malaga TechPark [L3], a technology park where more than 65 international companies in ICT have their headquarters and R&D centers and with which the Institute has a strong relationship and ongoing collaborations.

ITIS is always open to applications for different positions. The unit is currently offering six positions through the ERCIM Fellowship program.