VRE4EIC empowers environmental data-driven science

VRE4EIC, an H2020 European research project, coordinated a week of project meetings in Rome 11-15 September 2017 bringing together representatives of major European initiatives involved in environmental multidisciplinary data-driven science.

VRE4EIC logoAt the occasion of the meetings, VRE4EIC announced the release of its first results, such as the e-VRE (enhanced Virtual Research Environment) Reference Architecture and initial component software building blocks for the e-VRE (available from www.vre4eic.eu).

In Rome, VRE4EIC strengthened its links with the European Plate Observing System (EPOS) and the ENVRIplus project, which are implementing interoperable research infrastructures. The meeting included a session about the current and future capabilities of VRE4EIC devoted to training representatives from these projects. Furthermore, VRE4EIC and EPOS discussed a roadmap for setting up the relationship between the EPOS ICS (Integrated Core Services - essentially a system to access assets of the Thematic Core Services and maintained by ten Europe-wide domain groups such as seismology, volcanology, etc.) and VRE4EIC. This involved considerations of the user interface and APIs of e-VRE. The meeting concluded in discussing future implementation plans of ENVRIplus and EPOS, including integration under the aegis of VRE4EIC.

According to Keith Jeffery (ERCIM), Scientific Coordinator of the VRE4EIC project, “The week was a great success with much integration of both existing products and future plans leading towards smooth interoperation of EPOS and ENVRIplus with VRE4EIC”.

VRE4EIC intends to change the life of 70.000 European researchers, by providing them with supporting tools for collaborative, multi-disciplinary data-driven science, as needed to tackle critical societal challenges such as climate change and energy sustainability.

e-VRE is the project software outcome, that will be available under an open source software license for maximum uptake and community building.

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