ERCIM White Paper on Big Data Analytics

The ERCIM White paper on Big Data Analysis puts forward our vision of Big Data Analytics in Europe, based on the fair use of big data with the development of associated policies and standards, as well as on empowering citizens, whose digital traces are recorded in the data. The first step towards such objective is the creation of a European ecosystem for Big Data Analytics-as-a-service, based on a Federated Trusted Open Analytical Platform for Knowledge Acceleration. The goal is to yield a data and knowledge infrastructure providing to citizens, scientists, institutions and businesses: (i) access to data and knowledge services, (ii) access to analytical services and results, within a framework of policies for access and sharing based on the values of privacy, trust, individual empowerment and public good.

Several requirements need to be fulfilled, at least at four very different levels (the four dimensions discussed in detail in this paper):
- Scientific and technological challenges
- Data requirements
- Education and data literacy
- Promotional initiatives for data analytics and BDA-as-a-service.

This White Paper is a result of an initiative launched by ERCIM in 2014 to identify the emerging of grand challenges in ICT and define the strategic research topics. The initiative was carried out by an ERCIM Expert Group on Big Data Analytics, composed of twenty researchers representing a broad cross-section of interests, affiliations, seniority, and geography.

- ERCIM White paper on Cyber-Security and Privacy Research preliminary version in pdf
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