Latest ISTAG Report: "Software Technologies - the missing key enabling technology"

In it's latest report, the IST Advisory Group (ISTAG) - the advisory body to the European Commission in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT or IST) stresses that "missing the strategic importance of software technology as a key enabling technology will lead to a significant drawback for global competitiveness."

The main recommendation of report is: "A Strategic Agenda for Software Technologies in Europe should be created in cooperation with Industry, Academia and Public sector. The agenda should outline the strength from a European perspective and how we can renew and strengthen it. Common goals and needs in the short, medium and long term should be described. It should also describe what actions should be implemented to achieve these goals and needs and how we can, in a smarter way, make use of existing efforts, resources and facilities. The agenda should also draw up proposals on how the strategic work should be organized, run and quality assured. The first version of this Agenda should be delivered before mid-2013.

The full report is available for download at: