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Special: Privacy Preserving Computation
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ERCIM - the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics - aims to foster collaborative work within the European research community and to increase co-operation with European industry. Leading European research institutes are members of ERCIM.

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The 2nd International JST-ERCIM Workshop

JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) are organizing the 2nd joint workshop in order to accelerate international communication and collaboration. The online workshop aims to present future visions and recent results of research conducted in the context of the JST AIP (Advanced Integrated Intelligence Platform) project as well as from European institutions. This event will provide the opportunity to invited participants from Japan and Europe to familiarize themselves with recent research interests and consider collaboration prospects that will arise in the context of the Horizon Europe framework program or relevant initiatives from JST. The programme includes keynote talks from Takayuki Ito (Kyoto University), "An Agent that Facilitates Crowd Discussion", and from Fabio Martinelli (Research Director, CNR IIT) "Data usage control for data sovereignty".
For more information, see the workshop webpage.


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ERCIM Start-Up Support Program for the EU

Photo by Campaign Creators on UnsplashStart-up companies in the areas of mathematics and computer science often are not bound to national borders. Especially in current times, where virtual meetings occur abundantly, this becomes even more emphasized: many start-up companies like to explore their possibilities abroad. When considering other countries, they often face several challenges. Such challenges usually concern getting to know local customers, actors, practices, or laws; or the need for local (low-budget) office space and funds.

Partners in ERCIM like to offer help for start-ups, especially those related to mathematics and informatics (ICT), to expand their businesses in other countries than their own. Several ERCIM partners thus like to cooperate with each other, in order to help out start-ups for this matter. The participating ERCIM institutes may differ in the kind of support they offer, and in whether they provide support themselves or refer start-ups to the appropriate help somewhere else.

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ERCIM fall meetings 2021

The ERCIM fall meetings are held as a hybrid meeting, hosted by ICS-FORTH on 25 and 26 October; online participation is possible. For physical participation at ICS-FORTH, registration is mandatory. If you intend to participate online, please inform the respective meeting chairs.

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ERCIM offers fellowships for PhD holders from all over the world

Fellowship ProgrammeApply now for the next round.
Deadline extended: 3 October

The ERCIM fellowship scheme helps young scientists to improve their knowledge of European research structures and networks and to gain more insight into the working conditions of leading European research institutions. The fellowships are of one year duration (with a possible extension), spent in one of the ERCIM member institutes. Fellows can apply for a second year in a different institute.

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H2020 Project management by ERCIM
H2020 project management by ERCIM
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ERCIM Programme for PhD Education
ERCIM Programme for PhD Education
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