Building Europe's Digital Library
by Horst Forster, Director Content, Directorate General Information Society and Media, European Commission

Joint ERCIM Actions

ERCIM Beyond-the-Horizon Action Coordinates European ICT Research for the Future
by Peter Kunz

Stelios Orphanoudakis ERCIM Memorial Seminar
by Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú

ERCIM Workshop on Software Evolution
by Tom Mens, Maja D'Hondt and Laurence Duchien

A Tribute to Franco Denoth

The European Scene

EC Expert Group on Next Generation GRIDs
by Keith Jeffery

IST Rsults - Insight into EU R&D Achievements

European Commission Consulting on Copyright Levy
by Yue Liu

News from W3C

W3C to Participate in Advisory Board of Internet Governance Forum

In Memoriam: Alan Kotok

W3C Workshop on a Device Description Repository

Second Incubator Group to Explore Semantic Web for Multimedia Content

W3C Launches WebCGM Working Group

Call for Implementations of Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0

W3C Web Security Workshop Report

Latest W3C Recommendations

R&D and Technology Transfer


Computer measures Coral Structures
by Chris Kruszynski and Annette Kik
, CWI, The Netherlands

Pattern Recognition

Fast Synthesis of Dynamic Colour Textures
by Jiří Filip, Michal Haindl, Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Academy of Sciences / CRCIM, Czech Republic, and Dmitry Chetverikov, SZTAKI, Hungary

Multilingual/Multimodal Information Retrieval

MultiMATCH - Multilingual/Multimedia Access to Cultural Heritage
by Carol Peters, ISTI-CNR, Italy


Access Control and Data Distribution Solutions for the Swedish Network Based Defence
by Frej Drejhammar, Ali Ghodsi, Erik Klintskog, Erik Rissanen and Babak Sadighi, SICS, Sweden

Ambient Intelligence

Bringing Ambient Computing out of the Labs - INRIA's Agreement with JCDecaux
by Michel Banâtre, INRIA/IRISA, France

Text Research

New Text - New Conversations in the Media Landscape
by Jussi Karlgren, SICS, Sweden


LOG4SMEs: Improving the Logistics Performance of SMEs in the Automotive Sector
by Imre Czinege, Széchenyi István University, Gyõr, Hungary, and Elisabeth Ilie-Zudor and András Pfeiffer, SZTAKI, Hungary


VTT Develops Dependability Evaluation Methods for IP Networks
by Ilkka Norros, VTT -Technical Research Centre of Finland

Software Engineering

Validating Complex Telecommunication Software
by Sergio Contreras, María del Mar Gallardo, Pedro Merino, David Sanán, University of Málaga/SpaRCIM; Javier Rivas, Joaquín Torrecilla, Centro de Tecnología de las Comunicaciones, S.A (CETECOM), Spain


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In Brief

INRIA - Michel Cosnard appointed as INRIA's new chairman. [more]

SpaRCIM - The 2006 Spanish National Awards in Informatics were announced in May 2006 [more]

SICS - Center for Networked Systems established [more]

CNR - Francesco Beltrame has been nominated Director of the Department for Information and Communications Technologies of the Italian National Research Council [more]

CWI - Peter Boncz wins ICTRegie Award 2006 [more]

CWI - CWI was rated 'excellent' by an international evaluation committee [more]

CWI - Krzysztof Apt elected as Member of the Academia Europaea [more]

Special Theme

European Digital Library

Towards the European Digital Library - Introduction
by Ingeborg Torvik Sølvberg, NTNU, Norway, and Costantino Thanos, ISTI-CNR, Italy

Invited articles

From Digital Libraries to Knowledge Commons
by Yannis Ioannidis, University of Athens, Greece

The European Digital Library – A Project of the Conference of European National Librarians
by Elisabeth Niggemann, Die Deutsche Bibliothek, Frankfurt, Germany

A Forward-Looking European Digital Library? Hence 5S?
by Edward A. Fox, Virginia Tech, USA

Search Engine Technology Applied in Digital Libraries
by John M Lervik, FAST, Norway, and Svein Arne Brygfjeld, The National Library of Norway

The Shifting Landscape of Digital Libraries Research and Development in Australia
by Jane Hunter, University of Queensland, Australia


A Reference Architecture for Digital Library Systems
by Leonardo Candela, Donatella Castelli and Pasquale Pagano, ISTI-CNR, Italy

DelosDLMS - Infrastructure for the Next Generation of Digital Library Management Systems
by Hans-J. Schek, University of Konstanz, Germany, and Heiko Schuldt, University of Basel, Switzerland

A Powerful and Scalable Digital Library Information Service
by Henri Avancini, Leonardo Candela, Andrea Manzi and Manuele Simi, ISTI-CNR, Italy

Semantic Search in Peer-to-Peer-Based Digital Libraries
by Hao Ding, Ingeborg Torvik Sølvberg, NTNU, Norway

XPeer: A Digital Library for the European Higher Education Area
by Mark Roantree, Dublin City University, Ireland, and Zohra Bellahsène, University of Montpellier II, France

Ontologies and Metadata

Increasing the Power of Semantic Interoperability for the European Library
by Martin Doerr, ICS-FORTH, Greece

A Tool for Converting Bibliographic Records
by Trond Aalberg, NTNU, Norway

Information Patterns for Digital Cultural Repositories
by Chryssoula Bekiari, Panos Constantopoulos and Martin Doerr, ICS-FORTH, Greece

Towards a Semantic Information Platform for Subsea Petroleum Processes
by Jon Atle Gulla, NTNU, Norway

Towards The European Metadata Registry
by László Kovács, András Micsik, SZTAKI, Hungary, and Jill Cousins, The European Library Office, The Netherlands

Information Access and Multimedia

Personalizing Digital Library Access with Preference-Based Queries
by Periklis Georgiadis, Nicolas Spyratos, Vassilis Christophides, ICS-FORTH, Greece and Carlo Meghini, ISTI-CNR, Italy

Multilingual Interactive Experiments with Flickr
by Jussi Karlgren, SICS, Sweden, Paul Clough, University of Sheffield, UK, and Julio Gonzalo, UNED, Spain

Multimedia Ontologies for Video Digital Libraries
by Alberto Del Bimbo, Marco Bertini and CarloTorniai, University of Florence, Italy

Structured Multimedia Description for Simplified Interaction and Enhanced Retrieval
by Stephane Marchand-Maillet, Eric Bruno and Nicolas Moënne-Loccoz, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Taking a New Look at News
by Arne Jacobs and Nektarios Moumoutzis, University of Bremen, Germany

Radio Relief: Radio Archives Departments Benefit from Digital Audio Processing
by Martha Larson, Fraunhofer IAIS, Thomas Beckers, WDR, and Volker Schlögell, Deutsche Welle, Germany

Self-Organizing Distributed Digital Library Supporting Audio-Video
by László Kovács, András Micsik, SZTAKI, Hungary, and Martin Schmidt and Markus Seidl, University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten, Austria

Repositories and Preservation

Repositories and Preservation in the UK
by Neil Jacobs, Joint Information Systems Committee, UK

Digital Library of Historical Newspapers
by Martin Doerr, Georgios Markakis, Maria Theodoridou, ICS-FORTH, Greece

DML-CZ: Czech Digital Mathematics Library
by Jirí Rákosník, Mathematical Institute AS CR, Prague, Czech Republic

New Projects

CASPAR and a European Infrastructure for Digital Preservation
by David Giaretta, Digital Curation Centre, UK

PROBADO - Non-Textual Digital Libraries put into Practice
by Thorsten Steenweg and Ulrike Steffens, OFFIS, Germany

WIKINGER - Semantically Enhanced Knowledge Repositories for Scientific Communities
by Lars Broecker, Fraunhofer IMK, Germany