Peter BonczCWI - Peter Boncz wins ICTRegie Award 2006. Analyzing complex databases in record time: For his searching techniques Peter Boncz from CWI won the Dutch ICTRegie Award 2006 on May 16. Boncz developed the fast MonetDB database system. It has applications in CRM, digital forensics, science databases and ambient intelligence. With this technology, CWI could launch a successful spin-off company: Data Distilleries ('95), now taken over by SPSS. Martin Rem, chair of the jury at the Nationale ICT Awards 2006 event said: "The challenges for Peter Boncz were not only scientific. The real art was coupling research results to a convincing business model - and he succeeded." Peter Boncz works at CWI in the MultimediaN Bsik program. See: