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Information Security

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ERCIM News No. 50, July 2002 - Contents

  arrow by Rolf Jeltsch, President European Mathematical Society
  arrow 5O issues ERCIM News by Peter Kunz, ERCIM office
  arrow Towards a Strategic Cooperation with the European Science Foundation by Jean-Eric Pin
  arrow Euro-Legal — Dangers of Deep Linking by Heather Weaver
  arrow Introduction to the Special Theme: ERCIMathematics
spacerby Tom Koornwinder Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics,
spacerUniversity of Amsterdam (temporarily also CWI), The Netherlands.
  arrow Nonlinear Modelling of Internet Packet Traffic
spacerby David K. Arrowsmith, Mathematics Research Centre, School of Mathematical Sciences,
spacerQueen Mary, University of London, UK
  arrow Mathematics on the Web with MathML by Max Froumentin, W3C
  arrow Internet Protocol Table Look-up as a Geometric Problem by Marco Pellegrini, IIT-CNR
  arrow On Large Random Graphs of the ‘Internet Type’ by Hannu Reittu and Ilkka Norros, VTT
  arrow MUMPS: A Multifrontal Massively Parallel Solver
spacerby Patrick Amestoy, ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France; Iain Duff, CLRC;
spacerJacko Koster, Parallab, Bergen, Norway; and Jean-Yves L’Excellent, INRIA
  arrow Simulation of Underground Water Pollution by Mario Arioli, CLRC
  arrow Parallel Direct Solvers for Large Sparse Linear Systems by Iain Duff and Jennifer A. Scott, CLRC
  arrow Spurious Solutions in Finite Element Simulation of Electromagnetic Cavity Resonators
spacerby Paolo Fernandes and Mirco Raffetto, IMATI-CNR
  arrow Scalable Solvers for Sparse Linear Systems by Klaus Stüben, Fraunhofer SCAI
  arrow A new Algorithm for Discrete Tomography
spacerby Rob Tijdeman, University of Leiden, The Netherlands and Herman te Riele, CWI
  arrow Computational Topology Techniques for Shape Modelling
spacerby Silvia Biasotti, Bianca Falcidieno, Michela Mortara, Giuseppe Patané
spacerand Michela Spagnuolo, IMATI-CNR
  arrow Marked Point Processes in Image Analysis by Xavier Descombes and Josiane Zerubia, INRIA
  arrow Iterative Methods in Image Reconstruction by Paola Favati, Grazia Lotti and Ornella Menchi, IIT-CNR
  arrow Shape Geometry and Aesthetics by Franca Giannini and Marina Monti, IMATI-CNR
  arrow Angry * (-1) = Surprised! by Aldo Paradiso, Fraunhofer IPSI
  arrow Experimental Mathematics and Integer Relations
spacerby Jonathan M. Borwein, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  arrow Algebra and Computation at SZTAKI by András Benczúr, Gábor Ivanyos and Lajos Rónya
  arrow Renaissance of MacMahon’s Partition Analysis: Symbolic Summation at RISC-Linz
spacerby Peter Paule, RISC-Linz, Austria
  arrow ALIAS, a System Solving Library Based on Interval Analysis by Jean-Pierre Merlet, INRIA
  arrow Theorema: A System for Computer-Supported Formal Mathematics
spacerby Bruno Buchberger, RISC-Linz, Austria
  arrow A Colourful Theory on Graphs by Zsolt Tuza, SZTAKI
  arrow Quantitative Domain Theory by Michel Schellekens, National University of Ireland, Cork
  arrow Finding Dependencies in Industrial Process Data by Daniel Gillblad and Anders Holst, SICS
  arrow Interaction of Stochastic Systems and Financial Mathematics by László Gerencsér, SZTAKI
  arrow Algebraic Convergence of Pulled Fronts by Ute Ebert, CWI
  arrow Random Indexing of Linguistic Units for Vector-Based Semantic Analysis
spacerby Magnus Sahlgren, SICS
  arrow Extending Thematic Lexical Resources by Term Categorization
spacerby Alberto Lavelli, Bernardo Magnini, and Fabrizio Sebastiani, IEI-CNR
  arrow An End-to-End Software Suite for 3D Scanning
spacerby Marco Callieri, Paolo Cignoni and Paolo Pingi, IEI-CNR
  arrow Exploring the Frontiers of Computability
spacerby Jiri Wiedermann, CRCIM and Jan van Leeuwen, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  arrow Towards the Design of Functional Materials and Drugs ‘from Scratch’
spacerby Wanda Andreoni and Alessandro Curioni, IBM Zurich Research Lab, Switzerland
  arrow Flower – Framework for Local Wireless Services
spacerby Tero Hakkarainen, Ali Lattunen and Vespe Savikko, VTT
  arrow A Simple Model for Spark Branching by Ute Ebert, CWI
  arrow Dyade - A Successful Cooperation between Bull and INRIA by Patrick Valduriez, INRIA
  arrow Digital Library Competence Center by Maria Bruna Baldacci and Stefania Biagioni, IEI-CNR
  arrow EU/NSF Digital Library All Projects Workshop by Costantino Thanos, IEI-CNR
  arrow Fourth DELOS Workshop on Evaluation of Digital Libraries: Testbeds, Measurements and Metrics
spacerby László Kovács, SZTAKI
  For conference announcements, see:
  arrow Calendar of Events and Conferences related to IT and Applied Mathematics
  arrow CLRC - Five New Projects in Business and Information Technology
  arrow CWI - The 2002 Brouwer Memorial Medal was awarded to Michael Aizenman of Princeton University
  arrow SZTAKI, Fraunhofer - Virtual Institute for Production and Business Management
  arrow NTNU has recently obtained 13 Marie Curie Training Sites
  arrow CWI - Two CWI researchers have received honorary doctorates