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ERCIM News No. 61, April 2005 - Contents

arrow Environmental Modelling
by Walter R. Erdelen, Assistant Director-General Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO
arrow In Memory of Stelios C. Orphanoudakis
arrow ERCIM Working Group on Security and Trust Management
by Fabio Martinelli
arrow Strategic IST-FET / NSF Workshops organised by ERCIM on the 'Disappearing Computer' and on 'Unconventional Programming Paradigms'
arrow W3C Track at WWW2005
arrow W3C Seminar on Multimodal Web Applications for Embedded Systems
arrow Three W3C Workshops in early 2005: Rules Languages, Frameworks for Semantics
arrow W3C Standards Critical to Mobile Web Access
arrow W3C Devises Three-Part Solution for Better Web Services Performance
arrow W3C Issued Critical Internationalization Recommendation
arrow Latest W3C Recommendations
  SPECIAL THEME: Environmental Modelling
arrow Environmental Modelling
by Thomas Lux and Achim Sydow
arrow e-Collaboration and Grid-on-Demand Computing for Earth Science at ESA
by Luigi Fusco, Veronica Guidetti and Joost van Bemmelen
arrow ERAMAS - Environmental Risk Analysis and Management System
by Thilo Ernst, Andreas Hoheisel, Thomas Lux and Steffen Unger
arrow GENIE: Grid Enabled Integrated Earth System Model
by Andrew Price, Tim Lenton, Simon Cox, Paul Valdes, John Shepherd and the GENIE team
arrow Chemistry GRID and its Applications for Air Pollution Forecasting
by Róbert Lovas, István Lagzi, László Kullmann and Ákos Bencsura
arrow MEDARD - an Environmental Modelling Project for the Territory of the Czech Republic
by Krystof Eben, Pavel Jurus, Jaroslav Resler, Michal Belda and Bernd C. Krueger
arrow OASI: Integrated Monitoring and Decision Support for Environmental Systems
by Roberto Mastropietro, Lorenzo Sommaruga and Andrea E. Rizzoli
arrow Data Assimilation and Air Pollution Forecasting: the Berlin Case
by German Ariel Torres, Steffen Unger, Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga, Vivien Mallet, Denis Quélo, Bruno Sportisse, Isabelle Herlin and Jean-Paul Berroir
arrow Extracting Maximum Information from Airborne Remote Sensing
by Eon O'Mongain and LiamTuohey
arrow Getting the Most out of Earth Observation
by Martin Juckes
arrow Meso-Meteorological Modelling for Air Pollution Applications in Mid-Latitudes
by Jose-Luis Palau, Gorka Pérez-Landa and Millán M. Millán
arrow Air Pollution Modelling in Complex Terrain: 'Els Ports-Maestrat' Regional-Scale Study
by Jose-Luis Palau, Gorka Pérez-Landa and Millán M. Millán
arrow 2-Days Ahead PM10 Prediction in Milan with Lazy Learning
by Giorgio Corani and Stefano Barazzetta
arrow Modelling Ecological Health using AI Techniques
by Martin Paysley and Bill Walley
arrow Mathematical Models for the Simulation of Environmental Flows: From the Strait of Gibraltar to the Aznalcollar Disaster
by Carlos Parés, Jorge Macías, Manuel J. Castro and José M. González-Vida
arrow AWIIS: An Adaptive Web-Integrated Information System for Water Resources Modelling and Management
by Fadi El Dabaghi
arrow Numerical Modelling and Analysis of Water Free Surface Flows
by Fadi El Dabaghi
arrow SACADEAU: A Decision-Aid System to Improve Stream-Water Quality
by Marie-Odile Cordier
arrow Developing an Environmental Modelling Framework for Integrated Assessment of EU Agricultural Policies
by Andrea E. Rizzoli, Carlo Lepori, Roberto Mastropietro
arrow Image Processing for Forest Monitoring
by Josiane Zerubia and Paul-Henry Cournède
arrow GreenLab: A Dynamical Model of Plant Growth for Environmental Applications
by Paul-Henry Cournède and Philippe de Reffye
arrow Lossless Compression of Meteorological Data
by Rodrigo Iza-Teran and Rudolph Lorentz
arrow Air-Quality Information for Multi-Channel Services: On the Air with Mobile Phones
by Gertraud Peinel and Thomas Rose
arrow Building a Bridge for Communication between Patients, Family Doctors, and Specialists
by Matteo Paoletti, Loriano Galeotti and Carlo Marchesi
arrow Connecting Remote Tools: Do it by yourSELF!
by María Alpuente and Salvador Lucas
arrow Google Teaches Computers the Meaning of Words
by Rudi Cilibrasi and Paul Vitányi
arrow Reconstruction, Modelling and Motion Analysis of the Human Knee Based on Magnetic Resonance Images
by Gábor Renner and György Szántó
arrow Computer Controlled Cognitive Diagnostics and Rehabilitation Method for Stroke Patients
by Cecília Sik Lányi, Julianna Szabó, Attila Páll, Ilona Pataky
arrow NeuRadIR: A Web-Based NeuroRadiological Information Retrieval System
by Sándor Dominich, Júlia Góth and Tamás Kiezer
ARGO: A System for Accessible Navigation in the World Wide Web
by Stavroula Ntoa and Constantine Stephanidis
arrow BRICKS: A Digital Library Management System for Cultural Heritage
by Carlo Meghini and Thomas Risse
arrow Student Programming Project becomes Multi-Million Dollar Company
by Nancy Bazilchuk
arrow Bioinformatics Experts converge on Dublin City University for One-Day Workshop and Symposium
by Ray Walshe
arrow Report on the Impact Assessment of the IST-FET Open Scheme
arrow For conference announcements, see:
Calendar of Events and Conferences related to IT and Applied Mathematics
arrow Access to Information: the Right to Know and the Need to Manage
arrow CNR - Amedeo Cappelli, ISTI-CNR, has been appointed scientific director of the Center for the Evaluation of Language and Communication Technologies (CELCT) in Trento, Italy.
arrow SZTAKI - András Siegler has been appointed to the position of the director responsible for the international scientific and technological co-operation at Directorate General Research
arrow Irish Universities Consortium - Information Quality Network (IQ Network) launched at Dublin City University.
arrow CERN - World's Largest Computing Grid Surpasses 100 Sites.
arrow CNR - An agreement has been signed between ESA and CNR Research Campus Tor Vergata, Rome, for the development and use of Grid technology.