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ERCIM News No. 58, July 2004 - Contents

arrow ERCIM's 15th Anniversary Celebration
arrow A New ERCIM Working Group on Rapid Integration of Software Engineering Techniques
by Nicolas Guelfi and RISE's Working Group members
arrow News from W3C
arrow Workshop Report:
IST-FET Workshop for Preparing for FP7 - 'New Directions for ICTs in FP7:
Grand Challenges for Basic Research'
arrow INTAS Calls 2004
arrow Euro-Legal
  SPECIAL THEME: Automated Software Engineering
arrow Introduction
by Paul Grünbacher, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria and Yves Ledru, IMAG – Institut d'Informatique et de Mathematiques Appliqués de Grenoble, France
  Invited articles:
arrow Ontology-Based Software Development Techniques
by Motoshi Saeki, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
arrow TAPAS - Trusted and Quality-of-Service Aware Provision of Application Services
by Wolfgang Emmerich, University College London, UK, Santosh Shrivastava, University of Newcastle, UK, Fabio Panzieri, University of Bologna, Italy, Jon Crowcroft, University of Cambridge, UK and Werner Beckmann, Adesso AG, Germany
arrow Towards Increased Verification Automation for High Integrity Software Engineering
by Andrew Ireland, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
arrow An Automatic Tool for Improving the Quality of Software Requirements
by Giuseppe Lami and Gianluca Trentanni, ISTI-CNR, Italy
arrow Efficient: A Framework for Animating and Validating e-Business Transactions
by Bertrand Grégoire, Christophe Incoul, Sophie Ramel, Michael Schmitt, Laurent Gautheron, Pierre Brimont and Eric Dubois, CRP Henri Tudor, Luxembourg
arrow Discovering Requirements with Scenarios: The ART-SCENE Solution
by Neil Maiden, City University, London, UK
  Program Understanding and Architecture:
arrow Automated Support for Agile Software Reuse
by Mel Ó Cinnéide, Nicholas Kushmerick and Tony Veale, University College Dublin, Ireland
arrow CHARMY: A Framework for Designing and Validating Architectural Specifications
by Mauro Caporuscio, Paola Inverardi, Henry Muccini and Patrizio Pelliccione, University of L’Aquila, Italy
arrow Moose - A Language-Independent Re-engineering Environment
by Oscar Nierstrasz and Stéphane Ducasse, University of Bern/SARIT, Switzerland
arrow MaC: A Testability Analysis Tool for Reactive Real-Time Systems
by Huy Vu Do, Michel Delaunay and Chantal Robach, nstitut National Polytechnique Grenoble, France
arrow Automated Software Testing with Metaheuristic Techniques
by Eugenia Díaz, Raquel Blanco and Javier Tuya, University of Oviedo, Spain
arrow GATeL: Automatic Test Generation from Lustre Descriptions
by Benjamin Blanc, Commisariat à l'Energie Atomique, France
arrow Cow_Suite: A UML-Based Tool for Test-Suite Planning and Derivation
by Francesca Basanieri, Antonia Bertolino, Gaetano Lombardi, Giovanni Nucera, Eda Marchetti and Alberto Ribolini, ISTI-CNR, Italy
arrow Three Countries' Offensive towards Testing with Advanced Languages
by Wan Fokkink, Jaco van de Pol, CWI, The Netherlands, Matti Kärki, Markus Sihvonen, VTT Electronics, Finland, Axel Rennoch and Ina Schieferdecker, Fraunhofer ICT Group
arrow Automated Verification of Groupware Protocols
by Maurice ter Beek, Mieke Massink, Diego Latella, Stefania Gnesi, Alessandro Forghieri and Maurizio Sebastianis, ISTI-CNR, Italy
arrow Parallel Model-Checking
by Lubos Brim, Masaryk University Brno/CRCIM, Czech Republic
  Aspects and Language Technology:
arrow Aspect-Oriented Software Evolution
by Tom Mens, Kim Mens, Université de Mons-Hainaut, Belgium and Tom Tourwé, CWI, The Netherlands
arrow Generic Language Technology: Basics for Automated Software Engineering
by Mark van den Brand, CWI, The Netherlands
arrow Identifying Cross-Cutting Concerns in Embedded C Code
by Magiel Bruntink, Arie van Deursen and Tom Tourwé, CWI, The Netherlands
arrow PROSE: Automated Software Adaptation for Pervasive Computing
by Gustavo Alonso, ETH Zürich/SARIT, Switzerland
  Configuration Management and Deployment:
arrow Deliver: A Fresh Look at Software Release and Deployment
by Gerco Ballintijn, Remy Jansen and Tijs van der Storm, CWI, The Netherlands
arrow Libresource : An Open-Source Versatile Collaborative Distributed Environment
by Pascal Molli and François Charoy, LORIA, Lorraine Laboratory for Research into Information Technology and its Applications, France
arrow MECASP - An Environment for Software Maintenance and Adaptation
by Elaine Isnard, Prologue Software, France, Enrique Perez, Virtual Desk SL, Madrid, Spain and Alexandra Galatescu, National Institute for R&D in Informatics, Romania
arrow MTL and Umlaut NG: Engine and Framework for Model Transformation
by Didier Vojtisek and Jean-Marc Jézéquel, IRISA-INRIA, France
arrow AriadneTool: Automating the Development of Hypermedia and Web Applications
by Paloma Díaz, Susana Montero and Ignacio Aedo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid/SpaRCIM, Spain
arrow The SE2C Experience on Automating the Design, Transformation and Verification of Models
by Paris Avgeriou, Nicolas Guelfi and Paul Sterges, University of Luxembourg
arrow Model Driven Development of Pervasive Systems
by Javier Muñoz, Vicente Pelechano and Joan Fons, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia/ SpaRCIM, Spain
arrow Image Analysis on the Archimedes Palimpsest
by Anna Tonazzini, Luigi Bedini and Emanuele Salerno, ISTI-CNR, Italy
arrow Managing Medical Images
by César J. Acuña, Esperanza Marcos, Valeria de Castro and J. A. Hernández,
Rey Juan Carlos University/SpaRCIM, Spain
arrow NICHE: Natural Interaction in Computerised Home Environments
by Francesco Furfari, Claudia Soria, Vito Pirrelli, Oreste Signore and Rolando Bianchi Bandinelli, ISTI-CNR, Italy
arrow Towards Self-Managing Systems
by Joakim Eriksson, Niclas Finne and Sverker Janson, SICS, Sweden
arrow From Regression Testing to Regression Benchmarking
by Petr Tuma, Charles University/CRCIM, Czech Republic
arrow Agile Engineering of B2B Automation Systems
by Kuldar Taveter, VTT Information Technology, Finland
arrow Automated User Interface Software Engineering with a Pattern Reflecting Programming Language
by Anthony Savidis and Constantine Stephanidis,
arrow Towards a Library of Problem-Solving Methods on the Internet
by Alvaro Arenas and Brian Matthews, CCLRC, UK
arrow Cork Constraint Computation Centre applies Artificial Intelligence to Constraint Programming
by Eugene C. Freuder, University College Cork, Ireland
arrow Image Annotation with Presence-Vector Classifiers
by Bertrand Le Saux and Giuseppe Amato, ISTI-CNR, Italy
arrow A Project-Oriented Decision Support System for Production Planning in Make-to-Order Manufacturing
by Tamás Kis, Gábor Erdös, András Márkus, József Váncza, SZTAKI, Hungary
arrow Next-Generation Metropolitan Area Networks
by Kari Seppänen, Sami Lallukka and Riikka Lemminkäinen, VTT Information Technology, Finland
arrow KOPI - An Online Plagiarism Search and Information Portal
by Máté Pataki, SZTAKI, Hungary
arrow Assessing Quality of Service on the Internet
by Peder J. Emstad, NTNU, Norway
arrow CWI and INRIA join Forces on Safety-Critical Systems
by Wan Fokkink, Jaco van de Pol, CWI, The Netherlands and Hubert Garavel, INRIA, France
arrow Discrete Tomography with an Eye towards Practice
by Joost Batenburg and Herman te Riele, CWI, The Netherlands
arrow 12th ERCIM Environmental Modelling Group Workshop: Current Trends and Developments
by Nikolaos A. Kampanis, IACM-FORTH, Greece
arrow Second OpenECG Workshop
by Catherine Chronaki, ICS-FORTH, Greece
arrow InfoSam2020 - Planning for the Future Information Society
by Arne Solvberg and Tore R. Jørgensen, NTNU, Norway
  For conference announcements, see:
arrow Calendar of Events and Conferences related to IT and Applied Mathematics
arrow INRIA - Gilles Kahn was appointed Chairman of INRIA's Board of Directors
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arrow SARIT - Daniel Thalmann is the new president of the Swiss Association for Research in Information Technology
arrow CWI - Ute Ebert has won the Minerva Prize 2004
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