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Tim Berners-Lee receives Millennium Technology Prize

Ms. Tarja Halonen, President of the Republic of Finland, presented the first Millennium Technology Prize to W3C Director Tim Berners-Lee on 15 June in Helsinki.

The honor, which is accompanied by one million euros, is bestowed by the Finnish Technology Award Foundation as an international acknowledgement of outstanding technological innovation that directly promotes people's quality of life, is based on humane values, and encourages sustainable economic development.

"The Web has significantly enhanced many people's ability to obtain information central to their lives," says Pekka Tarjanne, former secretary-general of the International Telecommunication Union and chairman of the International Award Selection Committee. "The Web is encouraging new types of social networks, supporting transparency and democracy, and opening up novel avenues for information management and business development.

Berners-Lee was nominated by two organisations: The Royal Academy of Engineering in London, whose Fellow he is, as well as the Finnish IT center for Science.
Berners-Lee's selection was made unanimously by the board of the Finnish Technology Award Foundation at an April 14 meeting based on the recommendation of the International Award Selection Committee.


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