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ERCIM News No. 56, January 2004 - Contents

arrow Keynote
by Stelios Orphanoudakis, ERCIM President
arrow Tribute to Gerard van Oortmerssen
by Stelios Orphanoudakis, ERCIM President
arrow Ronald de Wolf - Winner of the 2003 Cor Baayen Award
arrow Possibilities and Limitations of Quantum Computing
arrow IM2IM – A New ERCIM Working Group on Informatics and Mathematics
by Marc Thiriet, INRIA
arrow News from W3C
  SPECIAL THEME: Industrial Diagnosis, Planning and Simulation
arrow Industrial Diagnosis, Planning and Simulation - Introduction
by Per Kreuger, SICS
arrow Efficient Algorithms for Inverse Magnetic Field Problems
by Domenico Lahaye, CWI
arrow Deviation Detection of Industrial Processes
by Anders Holst, Jan Ekman and Daniel Gillblad, SICS
arrow Bidding Agents Acquire Cargo in Online Auctions
by Pieter Jan 't Hoen
arrow Decision Support System for Process Analysis and Supervision
by Galia Weidl, Suttgart University
arrow Mathematical Challenges in the Electronics Industry
by Wil Schilders, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
arrow Contpack - Maximising the Volume Utilisation of Containers
by Onno Garms, Ralf Heckmann and Stefan Rank, Fraunhofer SCAI
arrow First Commercial Bayesian Software for Intelligent Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
by Claus Skaanning, Dezide, Denmark
arrow Innovating Shoe Manufacturing using Advanced Simulation Techniques
by Emanuele Carpanzano and Andrea Cataldo, ITIA-CNR
arrow Billy Goat Detects Worms and Viruses
by James Riordan and Diego Zamboni, IBM Zurich Research Lab/SARIT
arrow Decision Support for Personnel and Resources Management in Multi-Project Environments
by Antonia Bertolino, Eda Marchetti and Raffaela Mirandola, ISTI-CNR
arrow Towards Useful Tools for Estimating Railway Infrastructure Capacity
by Jan Ekman, SICS
arrow Efficient Utilisation of Resources in the Railway Industry by Levelling Departures and Arrivals of Trains
by Martin Aronsson, SICS
arrow Real-Time Optimisation of Empty Rail Freight Car Distribution
by Martin Joborn, Carmen Consulting, Sweden
arrow KUORMA: A Collection of APS-Algorithms for Forest Industry Wood Transport
by Juha Savola, Hannu Rummukainen and Olli Jokinen, VTT
arrow Parc Bandwidth on Demand
by Helmut Simonis, Parc Technologies Ltd, UK
arrow DesParO - A Design Parameter Optimisation Toolbox using an Iterative Kriging Algorithm
by Christof Bäuerle, Clemens-August Thole and Ulrich Trottenberg, Fraunhofer SCAI
arrow On-line Testing of the Reactor Protection System in the Paks Nuclear Power Plant
by István Varga, Tamás Bartha and Alexandros Soumelidis, SZTAKI
arrow Process Systems: Theory and Applications from Different Aspects
by Katalin Hangos and Gábor Szederkényi, SZTAKI
arrow Multi-Agent System Technology in a Port Container Terminal Automation
by Vicent J. Botti, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia/SpaRCIM
arrow Contribution to Fault Detection and Diagnosis: Mixture-based Modelling
by Tatiana V.Guy, Dani Juricic, Miroslav Kárny and Andrej Rakar, Institute Information Theory and Automation, Academy of Sciencesof the Czech Republic /CRCIM
arrow Data Mining Applied in Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment
by Simon Lambert, CCLRC
arrow Integrated Multivariate Statistical Process Control and Condition Monitoring for Fed-batch Fermentation Processes
by Hongwei Zhang, Northeast Wales Institute of Higher Education, UK
arrow Saving Energy
by Claude Lemaréchal, INRIA
arrow Solving Complex Problems with Advanced Techniques
by Enrique Alba, University of Malaga/SpaRCIM
arrow Nipper - the Neat Internet Protocol Packet Editor
by Sami Pönkänen and Marko Lyijynen, VTT
arrow On Describing B2B Processes with Semantic Web Technologies
by Santtu Toivonen, Tapio Pitkäranta, VTT and Jung Ung Min, Stanford University, USA
arrow Tracking Assets and Vulnerabilities in Corporate Networks
by Dieter Gantenbein, IBM Zurich Research Lab/SARIT
arrow Numerical Simulation through Web Services
by Stephan Springstubbe, Jürgen Klein and Ottmar Krämer-Fuhrmann, Fraunhofer SCAI
arrow Advanced Communication Networks
by Michel Mandjes, CWI
arrow Information Security Research at NTNU
by Stig F. Mjølsnes and Ingvild Ytrehus, NTNU
arrow Supervised Term Weighting for Automated Text Categorization
by Franca Debole and Fabrizio Sebastiani, ISTI-CNR
arrow Remote Monitoring of Health Conditions
by Dirk Husemann, IBM Zurich Research Lab/SARIT
arrow FM 2003 - 12th International Symposium on Formal Methods
by Stefania Gnesi, ISTI-CNR
arrow ERCIM Workshop on Soft Computing 2003
by Petr Hájek, Institute of Computer Science, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic/CRCIM
arrow SC 2003 - Industrial Simulation Conference
by Ana Pajares, Juan C. Guerri and Carlos Palau, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia/SpaRCIM
  For conference announcements, see:
arrow Calendar of Events and Conferences related to IT and Applied Mathematics
arrow Book review: "The Birth of Broadband"
arrow INRIA - Michel Cosnard became the new president of INRIA
.. more
arrow Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft - A Sino-German Mobile-Communications-Institute, located at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut in Berlin was established in December 2003
arrow INRIA - Texas Instruments has established a JavaTM competence center in Rennes, France in December 2003"
.. more
arrow NTNU - The Norwegian University of Science and Technology will spend 40 million NOK (5 million Euro) to enhance the research and studies in language technology