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< Contents ERCIM News No. 53, April 2003
CCLRC - Computational Science and Engineering Department at CCLRC, along with partnerspartners EPCC and IBM, are providing the flagship high performance computing service for UK academic research - known as HPCx. The HPCx service is based on IBM POWER 4 technology and provides an initial capability of 6.7 Teraflops/s peak. This performance will be upgraded to more than 11 Teraflops/s in 2004 and to 22 Teraflops/s in 2006. The HPCx system consists of 40 IBM pSeries 690 Regatta nodes, each containing 32 POWER4 processors, a total of 1280 processors. It is located at the UK's CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory and operated by the HPCx Consortium At the start of service on 9 December 2002 it became the most powerful high performance computer for academic research in use in Europe.