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Cognitive Systems

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ERCIM News No. 54, July 2003 - Contents

  arrow 8th Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems
spacerby Thomas Arts, IT University of Göteborg, Sweden and Wan Fokkink,CWI
  arrow GRIDs Expert Group
  arrow Euro-Legal
spacerby Heather Weaver, CLRC
arrow News from W3C
  Special Theme: Applications and Service Platforms for the Mobile User
  arrow Applications and Service Platforms for the Mobile User - Introduction
spacerby John Krogstie, NTNU
  Invited article
arrow In Search of Knowledge about Mobile Users
spacerby Ee-Peng Lim, Yida Wang, Kok-Leong Ong, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
spacerand San-Yih Hwang, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan
  arrow The Missing Link - User-Experience and Incremental Revenue Generation on the Mobile Internet
spacerby Barry Smith, ChangingWorlds, Dublin and University College Dublin
  arrow User-Centric Peer-to-Peer Service Environment for Interaction with Networked Appliances
spacerby Daniel Pakkala, Pekka Välitalo, Pekka Pääkkönen and Juhani Latvakoski, VTT
  arrow UKontti - Context-aware Mobile Portal
spacerby Juha Kolari, VTT
  arrow Contextual Mediation enables Appropriate Data Selection
cerby Dan Chalmers, Morris Sloman and Naranker Dulay, Imperial College London, UK
  arrow mBlog: a Mobile Information Service for All
spacerby Emmanuel Frécon, SICS
  arrow A Mobile Schema Browser for Integration Specialists
spacerby Gerald O’Connor and Mark Roantree, Dublin City University, Ireland
arrow A Peer-to-Peer Middleware for Mobile TeamWork
spacerby Carlo Ghezzi, Gianpaolo Cugola, and Gian Pietro Picco, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  arrow Fluid Computing
spacerby Marcel Graf, IBM Zurich Research Lab, Switzerland/SARIT
  arrow Designing Usable Multi-Platform Interactive Applications
spacerby Fabio Paternò and Carmen Santoro, ISTI-CNR
  arrow Interoperating with Heterogeneous Mobile Services
spacerby Paul Grace and Gordon S. Blair, Lancaster University, UK

arrow NAC: An Architecture for Multimedia Content Adaptation for Mobile Devices
spacerby Nabil Layaïda and Tayeb Lemlouma, INRIA

  arrow Integrating GSM Networks and Internet: New Unstructured Services
spacerby Rita Arrighi, Maurizio A. Bonuccelli, Francesca Lonetti and Francesca Martelli, ISTI-CNR

arrow From Ad Hoc Networks to Ad Hoc Applications
spacerby Benoît Garbinato and Philippe Rupp, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

  arrow Light Support for Dynamic and Pervasive Services on P2P Networks
spacerby Stéphane Frénot, Anis Krichen and Stéphane Ubéda, INRIA
spacerand INSA-Lyon Scientific and Technical University
  arrow Towards a Virtual Home Environment Application Server
spacerby Ali Hafezi and Klaus-Peter Eckert, Fraunhofer FOKUS
  arrow M-commerce API Package for Mobile Phones
spacerby Ioannis G. Askoxylakis, Diomedes D. Kastanis and Apostolos P. Traganitis, ICS-FORTH
  arrow Wireless Ad Hoc Network for Dublin: A Large-Scale Ad Hoc Network Test-Bed
spacerby Stefan Weber, Vinny Cahill, Siobhan Clarke and Mads Haahr, Trinity College Dublin
  arrow Lightning Active Node Engine — An Active Network User Service Platform
spacerby Sami Lehtonen, VTT
  arrow Middleware Support for Ubiquitous Computing
spacerby Luc Hogie and Christian Hutter, Luxembourg University of Applied Sciences
  arrow Sentient Objects: Towards Middleware for Mobile Context-Aware Applications
spacerby Gregory Biegel and Vinny Cahill, Trinity College Dublin
  arrow Database Components on Chip
spacerby Nicolas Anciaux, Luc Bouganim and Philippe Pucheral, INRIA
arrow Object-driven Application Design: from Mobility towards Ubiquitousness
spacerby Davide Carboni, Gavino Paddeu and Stefano Sanna, CRS4, Italy
arrow Development Tools for Dynamic Environment-Adapted Mobile Interfaces
spacerby Anthony Savidis and Constantine Stephanidis, ICS-FORTH
arrow Introducing New Mobile Services Faster
spacerby Timber Haaker and Oscar Rietkerk, TNO Telecom, The Netherlands
arrow Uluru: Mobile Interactive Multimedia Experimental Service Environment
spacerby Johan de Heer, Andrew Tokmakoff, Henk Eertink and John Anijs, Telematica Instituut,
spacerThe Netherlands
arrow Next Generation Public Travel Information Systems
spacerby Karl Rehrl, Harald Rieser and Siegfried Reich, Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft/AARIT
arrow Mobile Communication in Newspaper Distribution and Transport
spacerby Olli Kuusisto and Janne Pajukanta
Invited article
arrow Values of Mobile Applications to End-Users
spacerby Keng Siau,University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

arrow Algorithmic Clustering of Music
spacerby Rudi Cilibrasi, Paul Vitányi and Ronald de Wolf, CWI

  arrow Extension of Electronic Documents to enable Server-Independent Architectures
spacerby Paola Carrara, Giuseppe Fresta, Daniela Poggioli, CNR
  arrow COSMOS: Safe and Optimal Operation in Complex Industrial Systems
spacerby Péter Inzelt, SZTAKI
  arrow Leading-Edge Knowledge Management for Public Employees
spacerby Simon Lambert, CCLRC
  arrow Radiosity for Realistic Real-Time Rendering
spacerby François Cuny, VSP Technology, France
  arrow Ultra-High-Speed Image Processing: Over 10 000 Frames Per Second
spacerby Ákos Zarándy and Róbert Fekete, SZTAKI
  arrow Internet-Based Learning and Collaboration for Dispersed Co-Workers
spacerby Dian Tan and Peter Mambrey
  arrow Internet and Isolated Villages: An Opportunity for Development
spacerby Diego Puppin, ISTI-CNR
arrow SCILAB Consortium launched
spacerby Claude Gomez
arrow WWW2003 — The Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference in Hungary
by László Kovács
  For conference announcements, see:
  arrow Calendar of Events and Conferences related to IT and Applied Mathematics
  arrow Stelios Orphanoudakis (FORTH) will be the new President of ERCIM .. more
arrow CCLRC - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory hosted a launch event including a live launch feed from ESA
spacerat the occasion of the Mars Express mission ..more
arrowCNR - GÉANT, the pan-European multi-gigabit research network, and GARR, the Italian research
spacerand academic network are interconnected at 10Gbit/sec ..more
arrow INRIA - 'Internatics' the recently launched newsletter of INRIA's Office for European and International
spacerRelations .. more
arrow SARIT - Professor Ambros P. Speiser died on May 10, 2003 ..more