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Ambient Intelligence

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ERCIM News No.48, January 2002 - Contents


by Bertie Ahern, Irish Prime Minister

AARIT becomes ERCIM’s Austrian Member
Phong Q. Nguyen Winner of the 2001 Cor Baayen Award
Strategic Research Workshops by Jean-Eric Pin
New ERCIM Working Group on Applications of Numerical Mathematics in Science by Mario Arioli
spacer TELEMAC — Telemonitoring and Advanced Telecontrol of High Yield Wastewater Treatment Plants
spacer by Olivier Bernard
Introduction: E-Government by Thomas F. Gordon
Towards an Integrated Platform for Online One-Stop Government
spacer by Maria Wimmer and Roland Traunmüller
Managing the Interaction between Citizens and Public Administrations: the One-Stop-Shop Model
spacer by Roberto Gagliardi and Paolo Fiorenzani
IT Solutions for Interstate E-Government by Reinhard Riedl – A Service Platform for Official Proceedings by Brigitte Eichler
Artificial Intelligence supporting the Citizen-Friendly Information Society by Tibor Vámos
E-Government and Municipal Transformation: Some Experiences by Eevi Beck
DEMOS – Delphi Mediation Online System by Gernot Richter and Thomas Gordon
Internet-Based Public Consultation: Relevance - Moderation - Software
spacer by Oliver Märker, Hans Hagedorn and Matthias Trénel
E-Governance: The Case of the Finnish Parliament by Olli Mustajärvi
Case Study: Using a Database-Driven Website to improve Co-ordination of Government-Funded Initiatives
spacer by Ellis Pratt
Shining Light into Policy-Making Recesses by Tamara Fletcher
The Ethical Impact of IT on Government: Democracy and Responsibility by Bernd Carsten Stahl
eVote: Practical Electronic Large Scale Elections by Douglas Wikström
Coalition Logic for Voting Procedures by Henk Nieland
Digital Signature Applications for E-Government by Marlies Ockenfeld
Adopting the Digital Signature: A Proposal for Cooperative Work in the Italian Judicial System
spacer by Domenico Laforenza
Secure Dissemination of Census Results using Interactive Probabilistic Models
spacer by Jirí Grim, Pavel Bocek and Pavel Pudil
Catching up with the Banking Revolution by Phil Cain
Cooperative Processes for e-Government by Carlo Batini and Massimo Mecella
E-Government Programme in Hungary by Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú
A Reference Model to develop Strategic E-Government Concepts by Heide Brücher
An Interactive Stroll in a Walled Garden by Dan Jellinek
Towards a Virtual Coaching Service for SMEs in Developing Countries
spacer by Sarra Ben Lagha, Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur
Open Archives Forum by Donatella Castelli
IWICOS Broker: Meteorology, Sea-Ice and Ocean Data Interoperability in the Northern Seas
spacer by Robin Berglund and Jyrki Haajanen
ICEMA: the Digital Heart by Frédérique Clément
Universal Multimedia Access – A Part of the Midgard Media Lab Research Portfolio by Andrew Perkis
COTE – Component Testing using the Unified Modelling Language by Claude Jard and Simon Pickin
Ambient Network by Philippe Jacquet
MASCOT - Adaptive and Morphological Wavelets for Scalable Video Coding by Henk Heijmans
The Silicon Cell by Joke Blom
Remote PC Applications on a PDA Device by Charles Woodward and Petri Honkamaa
Spatial Data Mining Platform based on Enterprise Java Beans by Michael May and Alexandr Savinov
The Caml Consortium: Federating Industrial and Academic Partners around a Free Programming Language
spacer by Michel Mauny
ObjectWeb by Gérard Vandôme
ECDL - European Conference on Digital Libraries 2001 by Ingeborg Solvberg
Third DELOS Workshop on Interoperability and Mediation in Heterogeneous Digital Libraries
spacer by Matthias Hemmje and Umeshwar Dayal
International Mediterranean Workshop on Digital Libraries by Hachim Haddouti
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