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1st BELIEF II & CASPAR Brainstorming Workshop

6 & 7 April 2009 - Athens, Greece
Sustainable e-Infrastructures: Challenges in Data Provenance and Authenticity

[BELIEF and CASPAR, supported in particular by CNR, are European projects involving many organisations which were partners of the DELOS Network of Excellence managed by ERCIM.]

"The BELIEF-II Brainstorming workshops are strongly connected with the eConcertation
events. In particular, the rationale behind the organisation of these workshops is to
concentrate on and analyse particular aspects of the output from the eConcertation meetings
of European Commission - DG INFSO/F3 GÉANT & e-Infrastructure Unit, thus achieving the
transition from a more generic framework to a more specific discussion."

Today's e-Infrastructures provide online scientific communities with a viable means for large-scale,
cross-domain collaboration, leveraged by their inherent ability to store and efficiently share huge
volumes of distributed resources and data. In this context of global computing and integration, where
new data sets are derived out of existing information at high rates, either manually or automatically,
significant challenges are posed to the management, semantics assessment, and quality assertion of
the shared data objects.

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ERCIM-ETSI-EC Infinity Initiative: “Bio ICT-The Heart in the Computer”

  • Location: ETSI
  • Venue: Sophia Antipolis, France

The 2nd Edition of the ERCIM-ETSI Infinity Initiative will take place on 2-3 April at ETSI in Sophia Antipolis, France. This year, the theme of this series of advanced seminars will be ‘Bio ICT-The Heart in the Computer', with a special focus on ‘Modelling and Simulation of Organs'.

The event is run in cooperation with the European Commission and is supported by the VPH (Virtual Physiological Human) Network of Excellence, a network of which ERCIM is a core member.

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ERCIM Office in Brussels

ERCIM opened an office in Brussels in December 2008. As requested by ERCIM's Board of Directors, this will enable ERCIM to strengthen its links with European Commission key players. The new office is ideally located within the premises of our Italian member, CNR, right in the centre of the European quarter. ERCIM is now able to offer a hosting environment for ERCIM staff and ERCIM project meetings in Brussels. The office is headed by Pierre Guisset, formerly head of CETIC.

Pierre Guisset
ERCIM Office Brussels
c/o CNR Rue du Trône 98
BP 13 B-1050 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 290 22 85
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ERCIM elects President and Vice-Presidents

During the Board of Directors meeting of ERCIM in Porto on 20 and 21 November, the current President of ERCIM, Keith G. Jeffery (STFC, UK) was re-elected as President for a further two-year term starting 1st January 2009.

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Internal news bulletin December 2008

From the President

This is the first issue of the Internal News Bulletin (INB) aimed for wide distribution in the ERCIM community; previously it was restricted to Directors, Executive Committee, Task Groups and Working Groups. I hope this wider circulation helps to keep the ERCIM family intercommunicating even better than before.

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A strong presence of ERCIM at ICT2008 in Lyon

ERCIM will have a strong presence at ICT 2008, Europe’s biggest ICT research event to be held in Lyon, France, on 25-27 November 2008.

Through stands and Networking Sessions related to ERCIM itself or to European projects it either manages or of which it is a member, the Consortium will have its highest exposure ever at the bi-annual ICT event organised by the European Commission DG Information Society and Media

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Portugal Rejoins ERCIM

Portugal is back in ERCIM after more than ten years' absence. While INESC (Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores) was in fact a member of ERCIM back in 1991, internal problems, both financial and organizational, meant it was necessary for it to leave in 1998. It is only now with PEG – the Portuguese ERCIM Grouping – that Portugal again has a representative institution. PEG was a recent initiative to allow the country to have a wide institutional representation, thus providing a wider group of researchers and research groups with access to ERCIM.

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First EuroIndia International Conference, New Delhi, 22-23 Jan 2009

The first EuroIndia international conference was organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, and EuroIndia ICT Cooperation Initiative in collaboration with the government of India on 22 and 23 January 2009 in New Dehli, India.

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