After having successfully grown to become the most recognized ICT Society in Europe, acting as a hub to national ICT research via a national representative member, ERCIM has opened membership to allow multiple members per country. Following requests during the last years, it will now be possible for a small number of excellent research institutions in ICST per country to become members of ERCIM and participate in ERCIM activities directly rather than via a national intermediary.

    How to apply for ERCIM membership

    Prospective members must be outstanding research institutions (including universities) within their country and recognised internationally. Membership applications will be reviewed by an internal board and may include an on-site visit. Membership is renewable as long as the criteria for excellence in research and active participation in the ERCIM community, cooperating for excellence, are met.

    • All applicants for admission as a Member shall address a request in written or electronic form to the President.
    • The decision on admission of new Members is made by the General Assembly of the Association, in accordance with the procedure defined in the Bylaws, and notified in writing by the Secretary to the applicant.
    • The General Assembly shall not have to explain its decision to the applicant.
    • Admission becomes effective upon payment of the appropriate Membership fee in each year of Membership.

    See also:
    pdf Statutes
    pdf Bylaws

    For further information about how to join ERCIM AISBL, please contact the ERCIM office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

    Benefit of ERCIM membership

    ERCIM is a European-wide network internationally recognized as a representative organisation in its field. Members can benefit from easy access to all major ICT research groups in Europe. Members can take part in all ERCIM activities including research projects, Working Groups and in the ERCIM Alain Bensoussan Fellowship Programme. Members can also benefit from ERCIM's privileged partnership with standardisation bodies such as W3C and ETSI.

    Current members:

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For more information about ERCIM membership, please contact the ERCIM Office