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ERCIM News No. 62, July 2005 - Contents

arrow by Viviane Reding,
Member of the European Commission responsible for Information Society and Media
arrow Jérôme Chailloux nominated ERCIM Manager
arrow Image and Video Understanding wins the ERCIM Working Group Award
arrow Grid@Asia - Advanced Grid Research Workshops through European
and Asian Co-operation
arrow Strategic Workshops organized by ERCIM
by Jessica Michel
arrow W3C Celebrated Ten Years Leading the Web in Europe
arrow Launch of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative
arrow New Fee Structure for W3C Membership
arrow W3C Internationalization Activity looks towards Africa
arrow Latest W3C Recommendations
  SPECIAL THEME: Multimedia Informatics
arrow Multimedia Informatics,
by Joachim Köhler
  Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval
arrow Invited article
Managing Digital Photo Collections
by Lynn Wilcox
arrow Multimedia Indexing: The Multimedia Challenge
by Patrick Gros, Manolis Delakis and Guillaume Gravier
arrow MediAssist: Managing Personal Digital Photo Archives
by Noel Murphy, Cathal Gurrin and Gareth J. F. Jones
arrow The MUSCLE Benchmarking Initiative
by Allan Hanbury and Michael Nölle
arrow New Testbed of One Million Images
by Gregory Grefenstette, Pierre-Alain Moëllic, Patrick Hède, Christophe Millet and Christian Fluhr
arrow Managing the Growth of Multimedia Digital Content
by David Bainbridge, Paul Browne, Paul Cairns, Stefan Rüger and Li-Qun Xu
arrow Maps of Music
by Andreas Rauber, Thomas Lidy and Robert Neumayer
arrow Structuring Multimedia Archives with Static Documents
by Denis Lalanne and Rolf Ingold
arrow MultimediaN: Personalized Information Delivery
by Marcel Worring and Nellie Schipper
arrow SPIEGLE: A Multimedia Search Engine Generator
by Arjen de Vries
arrow Towards a ‘Smart Content Factory’
by Georg Güntner
arrow Fischlár-News: Multimedia Access to Broadcast TV News
by Alan F. Smeaton, Noel E. O’Connor and Hyowon Lee
arrow Interactive Multimedia-Enabled Learning and Training
by Claire Kenny, Declan McMullen, Mark Melia and Claus Pahl
  Multimedia Networking
arrow Representation and Communication of Multimedia Data and Metadata
by Sara Colantonio, Maria Grazia Di Bono, Massimo Martinelli, Gabriele Pieri and Ovidio Salvetti
arrow A Cognitive Architecture for Semantically Based Medical Image Retrieval
by John Moustakas, Socrates Dimitriadis and Kostas Marias
arrow Personalized and Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval
by Joemon M. Jose and Jana Urban
arrow ADMITS: Adaptation in Distributed Multimedia IT Systems
by Laszlo Böszörmenyi
arrow Solutions for an Interpreter-Enabled Multimedia Conferencing System
by Ferenc Sárközy and Géza Haidegger
arrow Host Recommendation in the Adaptive Distributed Multimedia Server
by Ottó Hutter, Tibor Szkaliczki and Balázs Goldschmidt
arrow Scalable Audio Streaming to Mobile Devices
by Jonathan Sherwin and Cormac J. Sreenan
arrow A Networked Approach to TV Content Distribution
by Adrian Cahill, John Roche and Cormac J. Sreenan
arrow Presentation, Control and Collaboration in the Networked Classroom
by Leandro Navarro-Moldes and Manuel Oneto
arrow Video Transcoding Architectures for Multimedia Real Time Services
by Maurizio A. Bonuccelli, Francesca Lonetti and Francesca Martelli
  Interactive Multimedia Applications
arrow Designing Multi-Modal Multi-Device Interfaces
by Silvia Berti and Fabio Paternò
arrow LimSee2: A Cross-Platform SMIL Authoring Tool
by Romain Deltour, Nabil Layaïda, and Daniel Weck
arrow Merging Virtual Reality and Television through Interactive Virtual Actors Marilyn — Multimodal Avatar Responsive Live Newscaster
by Sepideh Chakaveh
arrow Interactive Multimedia for Supporting the Quality of the Production
by George L. Kovács, Géza Haidegger and János Nacsa
arrow The CINEMA Project: A Video-Based Human-Computer Interaction System for Audio-Visual Immersion
by Renaud Dardenne, Jean-Jacques Embrechts, Marc Van Droogenbroeck and Nicolas Werner
arrow Personalised Enriched Broadcast Experience
by Mounia Lalmas, Nick Bryan-Kinns and Alan Pearmain
arrow LIGHT: XML-Innovative Generation for Home Networking Technologies
by Luca Tarrini and Vittorio Miori
arrow Modelling of Authentic Reflectance Behaviour in Virtual Environments
by Michal Haindl and Jirí Filip
arrow Haptic Training Systems in Virtual Surgery
by José San Martín, David Miraut, Carolina Gómez and Sofía Bayona
arrow Computer Recognizes Whale Tails
by Annette Kik, Eric Pauwels and Elena Ranguelova
arrow Text Document Classification
by Jana Novovicová
arrow Advancing Black-Box Reuse in a Multimedia Application Framework
by Bernhard Wagner
arrow CASSEM: Vibration Control in the Smart Way
by Salim Belouettar
arrow Point6: The IPv6 Skill Centre - Moving to the Next-Generation Internet Protocol
by César Viho and Annie Floch
arrow Working Slower with More Powerful Computers
by Lorenz M. Hilty, Andreas Köhler, Fabian van Schéele and Rainer Zah
arrow Coordinating IST Research Across Europe
by Simon Lambert
arrow Software Automation meets Interactive Media Development
by Dirk Deridder, Thomas Cleenewerck, Johan Brichau and Theo D'Hondt
arrow Workshop on Challenges in Software Evolution
by Tom Mens
arrow WWV 2005 - First Workshop on Automated Specification and Verification of Web Sites
by María Alpuente, Santiago Escobar and Moreno Falaschi
arrow For conference announcements, see:
Calendar of Events and Conferences related to IT and Applied Mathematics
arrow INRIA - It is with a profound sadness that INRIA officially announces the demise of Isabelle Attali
arrow VTT - Seppo Linnainmaa succeeding Pekka Silvennoinen on ERCIM's board of directors
arrow CWI - Alexander Schrijver is awarded the Spinoza Prize 2005.
arrow CWI - Scientists of CWI and the Universities of Twente and Konstanz launched MonetDB/XQuery