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ERCIM News No. 53, April 2003 - Contents

arrow by Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, Luxembourg Minister for Culture, Higher Education and Research
  arrow Close Cooperation among Researchers strengthens the Role of Europe in IT
spacerby Michael Krapp
  arrow News from the W3C
  arrow Euro-Legal
spacerby Heather Weaver, CLRC
arrow Extending Digital Libraries towards Multi-Disciplinary Communities
spacerby Tom Gross and Wido Wirsam
arrow RESET - A Roadmap for European Research in Smartcard Technologies
spacerby Olivier Trebucq and Bruno Cucinelli
  arrow Cognitive Systems: Towards an Integration of Symbolic and Sensor-Motor Intelligence?
spacerby Cristiano Castelfranchi
  arrow The Many Faces of Behavior
spacerby Torbjørn Dahl
  arrow IDA, a Software Agent Cognitive System
spacerby Stan Franklin
  arrow IndiGolog: A Programming Language for Cognitive Agents
spacerby Yves Lespérance and Hector J. Levesque
  arrow From Isolated Components to Cognitive Systems
spacerby Christian Balkenius
  arrow Cognitive (Vision) Systems
spacerby Henrik Christensen
  arrow Retrieval of Images based on Visual Content: A Biologically Inspired Multi-Agent Architecture
spacerby Socrates Dimitriadis, Kostas Marias and Stelios Orphanoudakis
arrow Modelling the 'Homunculus'
spacerby András Lörincz
  arrow The Cogitoid: Towards a Computational Model of the Mind
spacerby Jirí Wiedermann and Martin Beran
  arrow Emergence of Representations through Interactions of a Robot with the Real World
spacerby Nicolas P. Rougier and Frédéric Alexandre
  arrow Causal Structures in Embodied Systems
spacerby George Kampis and László Gulyás

arrow Swarm-Bots: Swarm of Mobile Robots able to Self-Assemble and Self-Organize
spacerby Stefano Nolfi, Jean-Louis Denebourg, Dario Floreano, Luca Gambardella, Francesco Mondada and Marco Dorigo

  arrow Cognitive Soccer Robots
spacerby Alessandro Farinelli, Giorgio Grisetti, Luca Iocchi and Daniele Nardi

arrow 3APL - A Programming Language for Cognitive Agents
spacerby Mehdi Dastani, Frank Dignum and John-Jules Meyer

  arrow Environment Representations for Cognitive Robot Companions
spacerby Ben Kröse
  arrow Towards Tele-Presence: Combining Ambient Awareness, Augmented Reality and Autonomous Robots
spacerby Pieter Jonker and Jurjen Caarls
  arrow The RoboCare Project: Multi-Agent Systems for the Care of the Elderly
spacerby Amedeo Cesta and Federico Pecora
  arrow Robots and Girls - A Promising Alliance
spacerby Monika Müllerburg and Ulrike Petersen
  arrow Man and Machine
spacerby Brian R. Duffy
  arrow Enhancing Non Player Characters in Computer Games using Psychological Models
spacerby Brian Mac Namee and Pádraig Cunningham
  arrow Understanding and Interpreting the Activities of Experts: Towards a Cognitive Vision Methodology
spacerby Stelios Orphanoudakis, Antonis Argyros and Markus Vincze
  arrow Intelligent Traffic Light Control
spacerby Marco Wiering

arrow"What did the others do?" - Recommending by Visualising Fellow Travellers
spacerby Åsa Rudström and Petra Fagerberg

  arrow Digital Image Processing in Art Conservation
spacerby Barbara Zitová and Jan Flusser
  arrow A Real-Time Infrared Tracking System for Virtual Environments
spacerby Maxim Foursa
  arrow Content-based Retrieval Services in Peer-to-Peer Systems using Taxonomies
spacerby Yannis Tzitzikas and Carlo Meghini
  arrow Geometric Numerical Methods for Continuum Dynamics
spacerby Jason Frank
  arrow Surface Reconstruction - Triangulating Scattered Points
spacerby Géza Kós
  arrow PROXiTV: A Multimedia Distribution Infrastructure
spacerby Éric Fleury and Isabelle Guérin Lassous
  arrow VTT inaugurated Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Centre 'Micronova'
spacerby Pia-Maria Linden-Linna
  For conference announcements, see:
  arrow Calendar of Events and Conferences related to IT and Applied Mathematics
  arrow SZTAKI's System Development Department won first prize of the 'Agentcities Technology Competition and Exhibition'

arrow CLRC providing providing HPCx high performance computing service for UK academic research

arrow CWI - Paul Vitányi has been appointed CWI Fellow

arrow INRIA - 70 post-doctoral positions available in 2003