Info Days on IST
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for Central America & Mexico:
Mexico City, 16 March 2000

for South America:
Rio de Janeiro, 4 April 2000
Buenos Aires, 26 June 2000

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A European Union - Latin America Initiative for Cooperation in Information Society Technologies

Action A2: Diffusion, concertation and proposals in the area of science and technology

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The Information Society Technologies (IST) Information Days in Latin America are organized by ERCIM with support from the European Commission (Directorate General for the Information Society). Their objective is to raise awareness, among the Latin American S&T actors, of the opportunities related to the calls for proposals this programme issues regularly. A detailed information will be given on the strategy of the programme, the content of its annual workplan, the available modalities for participation, and the coming "roadmap" for its activities. Commission representatives and European research managers with a long experience in this programme will be present to answer questions and give their advice to interested parties. The hosting countries will give indications on the measures they have implemented to help their researchers and industries to participate in the projects selected. A "partnership" session will allow European companies interested in finding local partners for their IST projects to present themselves and propose subjects of collaboration to the audience.

The attendance will be local IT researchers, IT research managers, IT companies, funding bodies/government/agencies representatives, and European companies, European experts involved in IST.

ERCIM will produce a report to identify subjects of common interest and recommend actions or mechanisms for funding bodies in order to increase the R&D cooperation between Europe and Latin America in Information Technologies. They will be presented at a workshop in Europe. 

Marie-Christine Imbert - INRIA/ERCIM
Tel: +33 1 3963 5201

Related initiatives: eurolat-is (Euro-Latin American Information Society Intiative), a Thematic Network which general objective is to boost Euro-Latin American collaboration in areas of application of Information Society Technologies.

ERCIM has been designated by the European IST (Information Society Technologies) programme to propose the Terms of Reference of a future EU-Latin America programme in this field.