Info Days on IST

for Central America & Mexico:
Mexico City, 16 March 2000

for South America:
Rio de Janeiro, 4 April 2000
Buenos Aires, 26 June 2000

A European Union - Latin America Initiative for Cooperation in Information Society Technologies

Action A2: Diffusion, concertation and proposals in the area of science and technology

Home page of the programme with full description of all Actions:

Info Day Mexico City, 16 March 2000
Programme and Presentations

Topic Presenter
Ing. Diódoro Guerra Rodríguez - General Director IPN
Answer and presentation of European participants
Respuesta y presentacion de participantes europeos
Marie-Christine Imbert - INRIA
Description and types of actions that are funded by the IST
programme. Presentation: The Fifth Framework Programme - Creating a User-Friendly Information Society
[ppt] [pdf]
Descripcion del programa IST y de los tipos de acciones que
Jean-Yves Roger, European Commission
Presentation of the EU-Mexico Liaison Centre Embajador Manuel Armendáriz E.
Coordinador General del Centro de Enlace México-Unión Europea
Presentation of the current IST WP 2000 Marie-Christine Imbert - INRIA
Presentation of GMD ( ) Gilbert Kalb
Presentation of UPC ( Ulises Cortes
Presentation of INRIA ( slides: [ppt] [pdf] Marie-Christine Imbert, INRIA
The path to a proposal, what a European
co-ordinator expects from his partners, contractuel aspects.
[ppt] [pdf]
El camino hacia una propuesta, descripcion de lo que un coordinador europeo espera de sus
partners, aspectos contractuales.
Bruno Le Dantec ERCIM
Marie-Christine Imbert - INRIA
Questions to the panel of experts
Preguntas al panel de expertos
Panel composed of:
panel de expertos compuesto por:
  • Dr. Jean-Yves Roger, European Commission, Responsible for Relations with Latin America on Information Society Technologies (
  • Dr. Gilbert Kalb, GMD Germany, Responsible for European Affairs ( )
  • Dr. Ulises Cortes, UPC Universidad Politécnica de Catalunia Espana, Professor and Delegate of the Rector for Latin America (
  • Bruno Le Dantec, ERCIM European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, Deputy Manager (
  • Dr. Marie-Christine Imbert, INRIA France, Responsible for European Affairs and Latin America, coordinator of the ERCIM Task Force for Latin America (
Presentation of the Natural Language and Text Processing Laboratory, Centro de Investigación en Computación del Instituto Politécnico Nacional ( Projects and Research Directions [ppt] [pdf] Dr. Alexander Gelbukh

ERCIM has been designated by the European IST (Information Society Technologies) programme to propose the Terms of Reference of a future EU-Latin America programme in this field.