Info Days on IST

for Central America & Mexico:
Mexico City, 16 March 2000

for South America:
Rio de Janeiro, 4 April 2000
Buenos Aires, 7 April 2000

Please contribute to shape the profile of the future actions and fill out the questionnaire

A European Union - Latin America Initiative for Cooperation in Information Society Technologies

Action A2: Diffusion, concertation and proposals in the area of science and technology

Home page of the programme with full description of all Actions:

ERCIM will help the European IST programme in organizing "Information Days" on the coming calls.
These events will take place in Mexico, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

In order to be able to make these actions useful to European industry as well, please answer

the questionnaire
available as MS Word [.doc] and pdf [.pdf] file

to express your desiderata concerning the Info Days and/or the future EU-LA programme and return it by email or fax to:

ERCIM Office
Fax: 33 4 92 38 50 11
2004, route des Lucioles
BP 93
06902 Sophia Antipolis

Your response will contribute to shape the profile of the future actions.Thank you in advance for your interest and time.

ERCIM has been designated by the European IST (Information Society Technologies) programme to propose the Terms of Reference of a future EU-Latin America programme in this field.