Info Days on IST

for Central America & Mexico:
Mexico City, 16 March 2000

for South America:
Rio de Janeiro, 4 April 2000
Buenos Aires, 26 June 2000

A European Union - Latin America Initiative for Cooperation in Information Society Technologies

Action A2: Diffusion, concertation and proposals in the area of science and technology

Home page of the programme with full description of all Actions:

Info Day Rio de Janeiro, 4 April 2000

Topics and papers Presenter
Welcome Rector of PUC - P. Jesus Hortal Sanchez, S.J.
Brazilian policy on S&T cooperation with the EU Carlos Pacheco - Secretary General of the Ministry of Science and Technology
The International Cooperation
within the Brazilian Information Society Program
Carlos Lucena - in charge of International Cooperation Group of the Brazilian Information Society programme
Presentation of the e-Europe Initiative Stefano Gatto - EU Delegation in Brasilia
Presentation of current IST WP 2000 Mario Campolargo, DG Information Society -European Commission
Participation possibilities of locals. Local procedures and help to integrate IST projects. Virgilio Almeida - Scientific Director of ProTemCC Programme
Presentation of the experience of a Brazilian partner in EU projects Ricardo Rabelo - Federal University of Santa Catarina -Florianopolis
Questions and answers to the panel Panel composed of local representatives, ERCIM experts and European Commission.
Practical aspects of IST project participation - Examples of ERCIM EU projects [ppt] [pdf] Bruno Le Dantec, ERCIM
Presentation of GMD - Examples of EU projects Gilbert Kalb/Eckart Bierduempel - GMD
Presentation of INRIA -Examples of EU projects Marie-Christine Imbert - INRIA
Individual meetings of researchers with EU Delegation (on demand at reception desk) EU Delegation:
Dr. Mario Campolargo, European Commission, IST programme, Research Networking Unit
Dr. Eckart Bierduempel , GMD Germany, Director for International Relations (
Dr. Gilbert Kalb, GMD Germany, Responsible for European Affairs
Bruno Le Dantec, ERCIM European Research Consortium for Informatics and
Mathematics, Deputy Manager (
Dr. Marie-Christine Imbert, INRIA France, Responsible for European Affairs
and Latin America, coordinator of the ERCIM Task Force for Latin America

ERCIM has been designated by the European IST (Information Society Technologies) programme to propose the Terms of Reference of a future EU-Latin America programme in this field.