RESET Public Seminar, Brussels, 3 April 2003

"From Smart Card to Trusted Personal Device"

The roadmap investigates the current and future research and development needs of the smart card industry and exploit new market opportunities.

This free seminar investigated with the industry and research institutes the evolution of the smart card tool in order to validate the report and identify future requirements.

Location & Schedule
Grand Hotel Mercure Royal Crown
Rue Royale, 250
1210 Brussels - Belgium
From 10.00am till 4.30 pm

A draft of the roadmap document was sent to partcipants before the meeting.

Agenda (in pdf)

Presentations (in ppt)
Working Group Outcomes
Challenges for Future Technologies
Lessons from the RESET experience
EC Information Society Programme 'Trust & Security'
all presentations in a .zip file

IST logoRESET is a R&D project from 1 September 2002 to 31 May 2003, jointly managed by ERCIM and Eurosmart,
supported by the IST Programme of the European Commission (project no. IST-2001-39046). [Disclaimer]