Roadmap for European Research
on Smartcard Technologies
Workshop series -

All workshop participants have met during the kick-off meeting in September 2002. They organised their own specific meeting from October to December and are finalising a draft document in January.

WG 1 addresses the evolution of smart card communication protocols and the integration of smart card in new networks. 3 communications modes are specified, contact, contactless and wireless.

WG 2 works on the system and software such as high level language, development tools and card application management. In this area card services will continue to grow and should be available and removable anywhere, anytime.

WG 3 focuses on the evolution of the relation between card and terminal. The link between both has surely to be optimised in term of speed, user convenience, security to be in line with new requirements, multi-application, wireless communication.

WG 4 in terms of embedded peripherals, subsystems and Microsystems points out that the smart card must turn into an interactive secure personal device integrating new features such as displays, keyboards, identification sensors and power sources.

WG 5 elaborates on the future research challenges and opportunities in the field of high-end cryptography and tamper-proof security technologies of smart cards. Security is analysed both in relation with chip and software to face new requirements especially in the Internet environment.

WG 6 concentrates on on-going and future research for micro-electronics especially regarding the technical and market challenges that impact the chip technology.

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