ERCIM Workshop Proceedings - No. 99-W001

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User Interface in Digital Libraries

Stockholm, Sweden, 21-23 October 1998

ISBN 2-912335-07-8




Introduction Preben Hansen and Jussi Karlgren html pdf  
Interaction and Interactivity: User interfaces for Digital Libraries Preben Hansen and Jussi Karlgren html pdf  
Understanding and Supporting Multiple Information Seeking Behaviors in a Single Interface Framework Nicholas Belkin. Invited Talk html pdf  
Interaction Design in Digital Libraries: Some Critical Issues Constantine Stephanidis. Invited Talk html pdf  
Integration of Multilingual Classification Systems with the Dienst digital library system Nuno Miguel Antunes Freire html pdf  
Automatic Translation in Cross-Lingual Access to Legislative Databases Catherine Bounsaythip, Aarno Lehtola and Jarno Tenni html pdf  
Intelligent Information Retrieval Based on Interconnected Concepts and Classes of Retrieval Domains Kuldar Taveter   pdf  
WWW Interface Design, Driven by Heuristic Evaluation: The EINS-Web Project Silvana. Mangiaracina and P.G. Marchetti html pdf  
Multiple Metaphor Environments: Issues for effective interaction design Constantine Stephanidis and Demosthenes Akoumianakis   pdf  
Implementing the Common User Interface for a Digital Library: the ETRDL experience Maria Bruna Baldacci, Stefania Biagoni, Carlo Carlesi, Donatella Castelli and Carol Peters html pdf  
Information Visualization in the Interaction with Digital Libraries Maria Francesca Costabile and Giovanni Semeraro html pdf  
AQUA: An advanced user interface for the Dienst digital library system Lászl Kovács, András Micsik, and Balázs Pataki   pdf ps
Iterative Information Retrieval Using Fast Clustering and Usage-Specific Genres Jussi Karlgren, Ivan Bretan, Johan Dewe, Anders Halberg and Niklas Wolkert html pdf