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< Contents ERCIM News No. 51, October 2002

Book Review

The ITU released a new publication, 'Internet for a Mobile Generation', on 17 September, 2002. If you are concerned about the mixture of two explosive growth areas, the Internet and mobile communications, you should have this 240-page book at your side. You will find almost all the information you need in this book: a summary of the competing technologies and their applications, case studies from various countries, how 200 economies are performing in terms of mobile and Internet technologies, regulatory and policy aspects, and sample scenarios for the future. Extracts are given on the ITU's Web site: The book may also be ordered through that site. This is the fourth in a series of studies written under the supervision of Tim Kelly who writes with a clear and delightful style.

Harry Rudin, Consultant and Swiss Local Editor for ERCIM News