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Framework VI: ERCIM's Expressions of Interest

ERCIM submitted ten Expressions of Interest informing the Commission of its intention to propose a series of Networks of Exellence within Framework VI. Interested scientists should contact the ERCIM office.

Anaerobic Digestion: Multidisciplinary Networking for Better Understanding and Optimal Monitoring - understAnD
Objectives: This proposal aims at establishing Europe as the scientific leader in AD processes through the sharing of experiences and efficient networking between European leaders in multidisciplinary fields. The main goal will be to lower the fragmentation of European research and to increase the scientific understanding of the AD process, leading to a higher competitiveness of European industry in this field.
Co-ordinator: Jean-Philippe Steyer, INRA (Institut National de Recherche Agronomique, France)

Applications of Computational Mathematics and Statistics in Science and Technology
Objectives: The aspiration of the network is to link together mathematicians working in national laboratories, universities, and industrial R&D departments.
Co-ordinator: Mario Arioli, CLCR

Cross-Language Evaluation Forum - CLEF
Objectives: The network for multilingual cross-language system evaluation intends to stimulate and assist the development of mono- and cross-language information retrieval systems working with European languages and languages of importance to Europe.
Co-ordinator: Carol Peters, CNR

NoE for Digital Libraries - DELOS
Objectives: Digital libraries should enable access to all human knowledge any time and anywhere, in a friendly, multi-modal, effective way, overcoming barriers of distance, language, and culture. The network will define a joint program coordinating the activities of European research teams with the aim of developing next generation digital library technologies, thus making feasible the implementation of this grand vision.
Co-ordinator: Costantino Thanos, CNR

European Excellence in Health Information Technology - E2Health
Objectives: This proposal intends to reinforce European expertise in the development of intelligent, mobile and secure systems and services aimed at providing patients with personalized healthcare and information services, and at stimulating health promotion and disease prevention in the general population. The network will include experts in key fields in order to strengthen and develop community scientific and technological excellence. The network will integrate, at European level, existing national research capacities and will establish Europe as the international scientific leader in the relevant R&D domains.
Co-ordinator: Stelios Orphanoudakis, FORTH

Foundations, Software Infrastructures and Applications for Large-Scale Distributed, Grid and Peer-to-Peer Technologies - CoreGRID
Objectives: The network will gather together European institutions (mainly academics but with support from European industry) carrying out R&D activities in the area of large scale distributed computing using Grid and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technologies.
Co-ordinator: Michel Cosnard, INRIA

Image and Video Understanding: Extracting Semantics from Visual Data - XViS
Objectives: The network will act as a virtual lab in which the main actors will outline an ambitious vision for the future and prepare a corresponding roadmap. Support will be sought on a pan-European scale in order to establish the EU as the international scientific leader in this domain. Closer collaboration among the many European groups that are active in this area will be fostered by stimulating the exchange of results and ideas, by maximizing the dissemination of information, by pooling complementary expertise through joint research initiatives and by creating focussed task forces (either virtually or physically).
Co-ordinator: Eric Pauwel, CWI

Information Systems for Environ-mental Degradation and Disaster Monitoring and Management - ISEM
Objectives: To conduct on a European scale a cooperative research effort defining knowledge-based systems with generic components and application modules dedicated to environmental degradation and disaster monitoring and management.
Co-ordinator: Isabelle Herlin, INRIA

Intelligent Environments of Use - In-EU
Objectives: To mobilize Europe's R&D capabilities in those fields that constitute the discipline of Human Computer Interaction. A range of short-, medium- and long-term activities aimed at providing a new basis for designing and developing user interface software and technologies will be pursued in order to empower citizens' interaction with distributed and context-aware user environments in the emerging Information Society.
Co-ordinator: Costantine Stephanides, FORTH

Semantic Web
Objectives: The aim of this proposal is to establish Europe as the international scientific leader in the next-generation Semantic Web.
Co-ordinator: Julius Stuller, CRCIM

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