ERCIM Workshop Proceedings - No. 01/W001

Proceedings of the First DELOS Network of Excellence Workshop on
“Information Seeking, Searching and Querying in Digital Libraries”

Zurich, Switzerland, December, 11-12, 2000

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  Information Retrieval
pdf Invited Talk: Keith van Rijsbergen, University of Glasgow:
"Path Dependent Information Retrieval"
pdf Enrico Franconi, University of Manchester:
"Knowledge Representation meets Digital Libraries"
pdf Elaine G. Toms, University of Toronto:
"Serendipitous Information Retrieval"
pdf Ilaria Bartolini, Paolo Ciaccia, Florian Waas, DEIS - CSITE-CNR, University of Bologna, CWI:
"Using the Wavelet Transform to Learn from User Feedback"
  Information Integration and Combining Evidence
pdf Invited Talk: Bruce Croft, University of Massachusetts:
"Combining Approaches to IR"
pdf Alexander Steidinger, Free University of Berlin:
"Comparison of different Collection Fusion Models in Distributed Information Retrieval"
pdf Andreas Henrich and Günter Robbert, Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg:
"Combining Multimedia Retrieval and Text Retrieval to Search Strucutred Documents in Digital Libraries"
pdf W-T. Balke, W. Kießling, University of Augsburg; U. Güntzer, University of Tübingen:
"Applications of Quick-Combine for Ranked Query Models"
pdf Bernt Schiele and Julia Vogel, ETH Zurich:
"Vocabulary-Supported Image Retrieval "
  Architecture and Implementation
pdf Invited Talk: Ophir Frieder, Illinois Institute of Technology:
"On the Integration of Structured Data and Text: A Review of the SIRE Architecture"
pdf Marcos André Gonçalves, Robert K. France, Edward A. Fox, Virginia Tech, - Tamas E. Doszkocs, National Library of Medicine:
"MARIAN Searching and Querying across Heterogeneous Federated Digital Libraries"
pdf D. Grossman, S. Beitzel, E. Jensen, and O. Frieder, Illinois Institute of Technology:
"The IIT Intranet Mediator: An Overview"
pdf Arjen P. de Vries, CWI, University of Twente:
"Challenging Ubiquitous Inverted Files"
pdf O. Kao, Technical University of Clausthal:
"SMP and Cluster Architectures for Retrieval of Images in Digital Libraries"
  Similarity Search
pdf Invited Talk: Pavel Zezula, Masaryk University:
"A Hashed Schema for Similarity Search in Metric Spaces"
pdf Paolo Ciaccia, Marco Patella, DEIS - CSITE-CNR, University of Bologna:
"The M2-tree: Processing Complex Multi-Feature Queries with Just One Index"
pdf Martin Heczko, Daniel Keim, University of Halle, - Roger Weber, ETH Zurich:
"Analysis of the Effectiveness-Efficiency Dependence for Image Retrieval"
pdf Giuseppe Amato, Pasquale Savino, IEI-CNR; Fausto Rabitti, CNUCE-CNR2; Pavel Zezula, Masaryk University:
"Approximate Similarity Search in Metric Data by Using Region Proximity"
  Semistructured Data
pdf Invited Talk: Norbert Fuhr, University of Dortmund:
"Information Retrieval in Digital Libraries: Dealing with Structure"
pdf Benjamin Nguyen, Serge Abiteboul, Grégory Cobena, Laurent Mignet, INRIA:
"Query Subscription in an XML Webhouse"
pdf Vassilis Christophides, Dimitris Plexousakis, Greg Karvounarakis, Sofia Alexaki, ICS-FORTH:
"Declarative Languages for Querying Portal Catalogs"
pdf Torsten Schlieder, Free University of Berlin, Holger Meuss, LMU Munich:
"Result Ranking for Structured Queries against XML Documents"
pdf Invited Talk: John R. Smith, IBM Research:
"Interoperable Content-based Access of Multimedia in Digital Libraries"
pdf Jürgen Krause, Jutta Marx, German Social Science Information Centre (IZ):
"Vocabulary Switching and Automatic Metadata Extraction or How to Get Useful Information from a Digital Library"
pdf G. Semeraro, F. Abbattista, N. Fanizzi and S. Ferilli, University of Bari:
"Intelligent Information Retrieval in a Digital Library Service"
pdf Luis Gravano, Columbia University:
"Characterizing Web Resources for Improved Search"
  Invited Talk: Hervé Bourlard, EPFL
"Will the spoken words be back to libraries? (Abstract not available)"
pdf Dina Goren-Bar, Tsvi Kuflik, Dror Lev, Ben Gurion University of the Negev:
"Supervised Learning for Automatic Classification of Documents using Self-Organizing Maps"
pdf Jean-Charles Lamirel, Yannick Toussaint, LORIA-INRIA:
"Combining symbolic and numeric techniques for DL contents classificationand analysis"
pdf Dieter Merkl, Andreas Rauber, Vienna Technical University:
"Representation of Document Archives for Interactive Exploration"

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