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< Contents ERCIM News No. 59, October 2004

W3C Spanish Office to promote W3C Standards in Tour of Spain

Bus The W3C Spanish Office organizes its first "W3C Standards Tour" around different Universities in Spain from 3 to 26 November 2004. The tour aims to make W3C work known, to establish contacts with researchers at Universities in Spain and to promote the use of W3C Technologies between students from technical Universities.

‘W3C Standards Tour’ consists of a route with an environmental friendly bus, which will make stops of one or two days at the following Spanish cities: Gijón (Opening: 3 November), Bilbao (4 - 5 November), Zaragoza (8 November), Barcelona (9 - 10 November), Valencia (11 - 12 November), Sevilla (15 - 16 November), Madrid (18 - 19 November), Salamanca (22 November), A Coruña (24 November) and Oviedo (Closing day: 25 – 26 November).

The bus has access facilities for people with disabilities, 14 multimedia equipments, where demos of W3C Technologies will be available, projection equipment, videoconference and Internet connectivity via satellite. At the same time, conferences about W3C Technologies and meetings with researchers are organized at the host Universities.

Additionally, the “First W3C Prize on Web Standardization” will be held during the tour. This First National Prize is an initiative of the W3C Spanish Office to encourage W3C Standards use and adoption within Spanish Universities. The prize will award the best prototype, selected among ten finalist prototypes that, in an innovative way, integrates any of the W3C Technologies in the following fields: Semantic Web, Device Independence, Voice and Multimodal Interaction. The winner will receive an applied research grant to develop a full project based on his/her awarded prototype.