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< Contents ERCIM News No. 59, October 2004
  CWI - CWI has started a new line of research on fundamental and practice-oriented cryptology. The institute is already known for the Number Field Sieve project for factoring large integers, which attracted world-wide attention with the factorization of the RSA-512 internet security code. The new Cryptology and Information Security group, led by prof. Ronald Cramer, includes this project. Additionally research is initiated in computational number theory with relevance for cryptology, public key cryptography, information theoretically secure cryptography, quantum cryptography, formal security analysis, and applied information security. One of the group's major focal points is secure computation. This area deals with two or more parties who wish to achieve a joint task securely even though they are mutually distrustful and wish to keep sensitive, private information secret from each other. This is sometimes called multi-lateral security, as opposed to unilateral security in the case of secure communications. Practical applications include profile matching, joint database comparison, electronic voting or auctions, and threshold cryptography. More information can be found on