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< Contents ERCIM News No. 55, October 2003
  iKnows cover Fraunhofer ICT-Group - "Research Roadmap for a European e-Learning and Knowledge Management Infrastructure" is the title of a study recently published by the Fraunhofer ICT group. The roadmap shows the way to the integration of knowledge management with e-learning applications in order to enable easy content production and to interconnect working and learning processes through a learning service infrastructure across Europe. The chosen approach offers interesting perspectives and new possibilities for learning organisations. The study shows how life-long learning and continuous training on the job will look like in Europe in the year 2010. It points out the relevant topics for future applications and research, incentives and motivation models as well as realistic business models for knowledge sharing and content production. Because of the intensive cooperation between e-learning and knowledge management experts of the Fraunhofer ICT group, this study provides a rich state-of-the-art impression manner how the fusion of e-learning and knowledge management will have a considerable impact on the optimisation and effectiveness for learning scenarios and content production embedded into future business processes. The study was funded by the European Commission.