ERCIM News No.39 - October 1999

ERCIM Projects

ERCIM is participating in research projects of the European Commission (EC) as co-ordinator or associated partner. In these projects several member institutes conduct the research activities while ERCIM is responsible for administrative tasks. ERCIM offers its expertise in the management of international research projects when at least three ERCIM members are involved. ERCIM currently participates in the following projects:
ESIMEAU - information technologies for the modelling of water resources in semi-arid zones
THETIS, a data management and data visualization system for supporting coastal zone management for the Mediterranean sea
DECAIR, development of an earth observation data converter with application to air quality forecast
SIMES, a research project on multimedia information systems for environmental remote sensing in the sub-Sahara region
MtoM3D - Made to Measure garments, 2D-3D approach. A project that aims to increase the added value to clothing products made in the Mediterranean area
DELOS - an ESPRIT Working Group aimed at promoting European research into further development of digital library technologies
Under the Fifth Framework programme of the EC, ERCIM has recently had four new projects accepted:
• ANFAS, a Euro-Chinese research project with the goal to develop a decision support system for prevention and protection against floods using modeling and simulation techniques
• a Network of Excellence for Digital Libraries which will provide the framework for the formulation and activation of an international research agenda in the DL domain; this is a follow-up of the DELOS Working Group
• a feasability study for C-WEB, a project that aims at designing a generic platform based on open standards to support community-webs; typical target applications are semantic portals and corporate memory systems
• a study to identify the potential research areas, priorities and partners in South America for the Information Society Technologies (IST) programme.


ERCIM projects: http://www.ercim.eu/activity/projects.html

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