ERCIM Workshop Proceedings - No. 99-W002

Proceedings in pdf



Digital Libraries for Distance Learning

Brno, Czech Republic, 15-17 April 1999

ISBN 2-912335-08-6




Introduction Pasquale Savino and Pavel Zezula html pdf  
ODL for SMEs: developing a training system for the Liguria region Paolo Bianchetti and Donatella Persico html pdf  
Support of multimedia services for distributed network training applications in CORBA-3 Fausto Rabitti html pdf  
Cooperative Learning Centre: concepts, standardization issues and commercial approaches Carlos Manuel Cardoso de Oliveira html pdf  
Digital Library for Multimedia Content Management Cezary Mazurek, Maciej Stroinski and Sebastian Szuber html pdf  
Support of DE by the Digital Libraries Jan Lojda html pdf  
Specifics of Adult Continuing Education Jan Gadus, Zdena Gadusova and Alena Haskova html pdf  
Education Software for Courses on Theory of Information Karel Vlcek pdf ps.gz
Virtual Learning Environment in the Age of Global Infonetworks Vlastimil Vesely html pdf  
Internet as the Effective tool for Managers Education Josef Hajkr html pdf  
Interactive Learning with a Web-based Digital Library System John A. N. Lee html pdf  
An International Digital Library for Distance Learning Nick Farnes html  pdf  
Design and Implementation of a Teleteaching Environment Constantin Arapis and Dimitri Konstantas html pdf  
Distance Training in Information Literacy for Students of Telematics Karlis Brivkalns, Aija Janbicka, and Ilmars Slaidins html pdf  
Technological support for continuous training P. Forcheri, M.T. Molfino, A. Quarati and F. Riccio html pdf  
Web learning environment evolution: integration and open problems F. Rabitti, G. Rossini, P. Savino and P.Venerosi html pdf