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Filtering and Collaborative Filtering

Budapest, 10-12 November 1997

ISBN 2-912335-04-3




Invited Talk:
The GroupLens Research Project: Scaleable Collaborative Filtering for the Internet
Joe Konstan, University of Minnesota . .    
Project Overview: EUROgatherer - A Personalized Information Gathering System Umberto Straccia, IEI-CNR
ps.gz pdf    
Software Prototype for Information Filtering and Rating using Evolutionary Algorithms  Peter Untersmayr, Guenter Ehrentraut
The Profile Editor: Designing a direct manipulative tool for assembling profiles Patrick Baudisch, GMD ps.gz pdf    
Using LDAP in a Filtering Service for a Digital Library Joao Ferreira, Jose Luis Borbinha, Jose Delgado, IST/INESC   pdf rtf  
SOAP: Live Recommendations through Social Agents Hui Guo, GMD ps.gz pdf    
Implicit Rating & Filtering Dave Nichols, Lancaster University ps.gz pdf rtf  
Invited Talk:
An architecture for intelligent and collaborative filtering
Jacob Palme, Stockholm University and KTH . pdf    
Institutional Rating in Everyday Life Peter Sint, Austrian Academy of Sciences   pdf rtf  
Application of a Generic Voting Tool for Rating Purposes András Micsik, SZTAKI ps.gz pdf rtf  
Social Filtering and Social Reality Christopher Lueg, University of Zurich ps.gz pdf    
Invited Talk:
Knowledge Pump: Community-centered Collaborative Filtering
Damian Arregui, Manfred Dardanne, Xerox Research Centre Europe
ps.gz pdf    
Lightweight Collaborations for Social Filtering on the Web Rob Procter, Andy McKinlay, Edinburgh University ps.gz pdf     
A Language Theoretical Approach to Filtering and Cooperation Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú, SZTAKI
ps.gz pdf    
The TREVI Project - Personalized Information Filtering, Linking, and Delivery for the News Domain Reginald Ferber and Costas Tzeras, GMD   pdf rtf  
Using of multiple data source for information filtering: first approaches in the MedExplore project Emmanuel Nauer, Jacques Ducloy, Jean-Charles Lamire, INRIA/IRISA ps.gz pdf    
The end of symbolic immortality: a non-monetarian collaborative cooperation model in an Internet based groupware service Roland Alton-Scheidl, Gernot Tscherteu, Austrian Academy of Sciences ps.gz pdf   html
A Visual Tagging Technique for Annotating Large-Volume Multimedia Databases - A tool for adding semantic value to improve information rating Konstantinos Chandrinos, John Immerkær, Martin Dörr, Panos Trahanias, ICS-FORTH   pdf rtf