ERCIM Workshop Proceedings - No. 95/W002

8th ERCIM Database Research Group Workshop
Database Issues and Infrastructure in Cooperative Informations Systems

Trondheim, Norway, 23-25 August 1995


Information Exchange in Decentralized Organizations

  • Improving the Quality of Information Exchange in a Business Chain [ps]
    A.T.M. Aerts, M.J.H. Pustjens, A.F.L. Veth, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • A CORBA-based Facility for Information Access and Interchange between Cooperating Organizations [ps]
  • A.J. Berre, S. Haukøy, J.Ø. Aagedal, SINTEF Informatics, Oslo, Norway

  • Cooperative Transactions and Workflow

  • Transaction Support for Cooperative Hypermedia Document Authoring [ps]
    T. Tesch, J. Waesch, GMD-IPSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  • Research Issues in Workflow Systems [ps]
    J. Veijalainen, O. Pihlajamaa, A. Lehtola, VTT, Finland

  • Mapping

  • Connecting Knowledge bases with relational databases: a complete mapping relation [ps]
    A. Goni, J.M. Blanco, A, Illarramendi, Universidad del Pais Vasco, San Sebastian, Spain
  • On the design of a generic object adaptor [ps]
    Ø.Hanssen, F.Eliassen, University of Tromsø, Norway

  • Interoperability

  • Cooperative Systems Supported by Active Database Technology [ps]
    M.v.d. Graaf, M. Kersten, CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • A 5 Layer Information Expressivity Model Applied to Semantic Heterogeneity in a Decentralised Organisation [ps]
    M. Dixon, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK, J. Kalmus, K. Jeffery, RAL, Chilton, UK

  • Cooperative Transactions II

  • Cooperative Transactions in Interoperable Environments [ps]
    Weihai Yu, University of Tromso, Norway
  • Improving Cooperation Support in the EPOS CM System [ps]
    J.O. Larsen, B.P. Munch, R. Conradi, University of Trondheim, Norway, P. Lago, Politecnico de Torino, Italy

  • Distribution

  • Designing Distributed Databases from an Organisational Perspective [ps]
    A.R. Silva, H. Galhardas, P. Sousa, J. Silva, P. Sousa, INESC, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Replication within Distributed Digital Document Libraries [ps]
    L. Kovacs, A. Micsik, SZTAKI, Budapest, Hungary

  • Multimedia

  • Interoperability of Multimedia Information Systems [ps]
    F. Eliassen, University of Tromso, Norway, J.R. Nicol, GTE Laboratories, Waltham, MA 02254, USA