ERCIM Research Reports

The ERCIM Research Reports series is discontinued.

The ERCIM research reports series was an occasion for the ERCIM fellows (see ERCIM fellowship programme) to publish their research results. Their reports are now published by the hosting institute. Research and technical reports published by our member institutes can be found in the ERCIM members' libraries:

Title: Satellite Image Analysis and Processing Tools to be used in Air-Pollution Forecast and Simulation Systems
Author: Alfons H Salden
Origin: INRIA, February 1999
Number: ERCIM-03/99-R058
Title: Bluman and Kumei's Nonlinear Scale-Space Theory
Author: Alfons H Salden
Origin: INRIA, February 1999
Number: ERCIM-02/99-R057
Title: Dynamic Scale-Space Paradigms versus Mathematical Morphology?
Author: Alfons H Salden
Origin: INRIA, February 1999
Number: ERCIM-02/99-R056
Title: Bayesian Color Image Segmentation Using Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Author: Zoltan Kato
Origin: CWI, January 1999
Number: ERCIM-01/99-R055

Title: Using UPPAAL for the Specification and Verification of a Lip-Sync Protocol
Authors: H. Bowman, G. Faconti, J-P. Katoen, D. Latella & M. Massink
Origin: CNUCE-CNR, July 1998
Number: ERCIM-07/98-R054
Title: Exploiting Enterprise Models for the Automatic Distribution of Corporate Information
Authors: Michael Wolverton
Origin: SINTEF-DELAB, October 1997
Number: ERCIM-10/97-R053
Title: Typing Confluence
Authors: Uwe Nestmann and Martin Steen
Origin: INRIA, October 1997
Number: ERCIM-10/97-R052
Title: Decoding Choice Encodings
Authors: Uwe Nestmann and Benjamin C. Pierce
Origin: INRIA, October 1997
Number: ERCIM-10/97-R051
Title: The Changing Face of Standardization: A Place for Formal Methods?
Authors: David Duce, David Duke, Giorgio Faconti and Ivan Herman
Origin: ERCIM Computer Graphics Network, August 1997
Number: ERCIM-08/97-R050
Title: ERCIM Computer Graphics Network Report and Recommendations from the VRML Workshop 29/30 January 1997, The Coseners House, Abingdon, UK
Edited by David Duce, Klaus Kansy and Michael Wilson
Origin: ERCIM Computer Graphics Network, February 1997
Number: ERCIM-02/97-R049

Title: Specifying the PREMO Synchronization Objects
Author: D.J. Duke, D.A.Duce, I. Herman, G.Faconti
Origin: ERCIM Computer Graphics Network, February 1997
Number: ERCIM-02/97-R048

Title: A General Animation Framework for Gaseous Phenomena
Author: Jos Stam
Origin: VTT, January 1997
Number: ERCIM-01/97-R047

Title: Aperiodic Texture Mapping
Author: Jos Stam
Origin: VTT, January 1997
Number: ERCIM-01/97-R046

Title: Wordwise Algorithms and Improved Heuristics for Solving Hard Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Author: Christian Bliek
Origin: INRIA, December 1996
Number: ERCIM-12/96-R045
Title: Dynamic Server Assignment in a Two-Queue Model
Author: O.J. Boxma and D.G. Down
Origin: CWI, January 1996
Number: ERCIM-01/96-R044
Title: Updating Object Oriented Schema Structures Viewed as Logical Theories
Author: Dimitri Theodoratos
Origin: INRIA, December 1995
Number: ERCIM-12/95-R043
Title: Deduction and Consistency Checking in Object Oriented Schema Structures viewed as Logical Theories
Author: Dimitri Theodoratos
Origin: INRIA, November 1995
Number: ERCIM-11/95-R042
Title: Presenting Significant Information in Expert System Explanation
Author: Michael Wolverton
Origin: CLRC, November 1995
Number: ERCIM-11/95-R041
Title: Multimodal Scanning Input with Non-Speech Sounds
Author: Stephen A. Brewster, Veli-Pekka Raty & Atte Kortekangas
Origin: SINTEF-DELAB, October 1995
Number: ERCIM-10/95-R040
Title: Grey-Scale Images
Author: L.M.J. Florack
Origin: INESC, September 1995
Number: ERCIM-09/95-R039
Title: On the Role of Rouché's Theorem in Queueing Analysis
Author: J.W. Cohen, D.G. Down
Origin: CWI, August '95
Number: ERCIM-08/95-R038
Title: Representing Complex Hierarchies with Earcons
Author: Stephen A. Brewster, Veli-Pekka Raty and Atte Kortekangas
Origin: SINTEF-DELAB, May '95
Number: ERCIM-05/95-R037
Title: Extending Locking Techniques to Improve Concurrent Database Access
Author: Cesar Galindo-Legaria and Fausto Rabitti
Origin: CNR, April '95
Number: ERCIM-04/95-R036
Title: Storage and Retrieval Techniques for Multimedia Data
Author: P.Zuela and Cesar Galindo-Legaria
Origin: CNR, April '95
Number: ERCIM-04/95-R035
Title: Revising Propositional Horn Clause Knowledge Bases
Author: Dimitri Theodoratos, Foto Afrati and Theodoros G. Kavalieros
Origin: DRAL, November '94
Number: ERCIM-11/94-R034
Title: The Intrinsic Structure of the Optic Flow Field
Author: Luck Florack and Mads Nielsen
Origin: INRIA, July '94
Number: ERCIM-07/94-R033
Title: On the Traffic Equations for Batch Routing Queueing Networks and Stochastic Petri Nets
Author: Richard J. Boucherie and Matteo Sereno
Origin: CWI, April '94
Number: ERCIM-04/94-R032
Title: An Optimal O(log log n) Time Parallel Algorithm for Detecting all Squares in a String
Author: Dany Breslauer and Alberto Apostolico
Origin: CNR, March '94
Number: ERCIM-03/94-R031
Title: Situation Assessment and Adaptive Learning Theoretical and Experimental Issues
Author: Mukesh J. Patel
Origin: CNR, March '94
Number: ERCIM-03/94-R030
Title: From Synchronous-Flow Dependence Graphs to Reliable and Efficient Implementations
Author: Olivier Maffeïs and Paul Le Guernic
Origin: RAL, February '94
Number: ERCIM-02/94-R029
Title: GKS-9x: The Design Output Primitiv - An Approach to a Specification
Author:Philippe Nehlig and David Duce
Origin: RAL, January '94
Number: ERCIM-01/94-R028
Title: GKS-9x: A Specification of the Framework
Author:Ljiljana Damnjanovic and David Duce
Origin: RAL, August '93
Number: ERCIM-08/93-R027
Title: Norton's Equivalent for Queueing Networks with Non-Product Form Subnetworks
Author: Richard J. Boucherie
Origin: INRIA, May '93,
Number: ERCIM-05/93-R026
Title: On the Transient Behaviour of Markov Chains Obtained Via Isomoric Reflections
Author: Richard J. Boucherie
Origin INRIA, May '93
Number: ERCIM-05/93-R025
Title: Testing String Superprimitivity in Parallel
Author: Dany Breslauer
Origin: INRIA, May '93
Number: ERCIM-05/93-R024
Title: High Level Language Support for Protocol Processing
Author: Ellen Siegel
Origin: INRIA, May '93
Number: ERCIM-05/93-R023
Title: Parallel Assignment and Scientific Computation
Author: Alan Stewart
Origin: INRIA, June '93
Number: ERCIM-92-R022
Title: Tight Comparison Bounds for the String Prefix-Matching Problem
Author: Dany Breslauer, Livio Colussi and Laura Toniolo
Origin: CWI, June '93
Number: ERCIM-92-R021
Title: Saving Comparisons in the Crochemore-Perrin String Matching Algorithm
Author: Dany Breslauer
Origin: CWI, June '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R020
Title: Gesture Interaction in a 3D User Interface
Author: Monica Bordigoni
Origin: GMD, April '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R019
Title: Some Experiences of Solving 1-D Semiconductor Device Equations on a Matrix Coprocessor by a Domain Decomposition Method
Author: Choi-Hong Lai and Hermann te Riele
Origin: CWI, April '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R018
Title: GKS-9x: Some Implementation Consideration
Author: Lilijana Damnjanovic, David Duce and Stuart Robinson
Origin: RAL, April '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R017
Title: Finding All Periods and Initial Palindromes of a String in Parallel
Author: Dany Breslauer
Origin: CWI, April '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R016
Title: Fast Parallel String Prefix-Matching
Author: Dany Breslauer
Origin: CWI, April '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R015
Title: Efficient Comparison Based String Matching
Author: Dany Breslauer
Origin: CWI, April '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R014
Title: Formal Specification of Manifold: a Preliminary Study
Author: Eric Rutten, Farhad Arbab and Ivan Herman
Origin: CWI, January '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R013
Title: Associative Matching for Linear Terms
Author: Steven Eker
Origin: CWI, January '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R012
Title: Verification of Parameterised Synchronous Concurrent Algorithms with OBJ3: The Pixel Planes Architecture Revisited
Author: Steven Eker
Origin: CWI, January '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R011
Title: Texture Synthesis
Author: Michal Haindl
Origin: CWI, January '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R010
Title: A Comparison of OBJ3 and ASF+SDF
Author: Steven Eker
Origin: CWI, January '93
Number: ERCIM-92-R009
Title: Parallel Aspects of Some Spectral Problems in Linear Algebra
Author: Alexander Malyshev
Origin: CWI, January '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R008
Title: Iterative Refinement of Linear Least Squares Solutions
Author: Alexander Malyshev
Origin: GMD, January '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R007
Title: The Qwertz Document Types Version 1.1 Reference Manual
Author: Thomas Gordon
Origin: GMD, January '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R006
Title: An Imperative Planning Language: From Temporal Representation to Real-Time Execution
Author: Eric Rutten
Origin: GMD, January '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R005
Title: An Imperative Language for Task-Level Programming: Definition in Temporal Logic
Author: Eric Rutten and Lionel Marcé
Origin: GMD, January '93
Number: ERCIM-93-R004
Title: An Iteration Scheme for Non-Symmetric Interface Operator
Author: Choi-Hong Lai
Origin: INRIA, October '92
Number: ERCIM-92-R003
Title: Dynamic Gesture Machine
Author: Monica Bordigoni
Origin: RAL, October '92
Number: ERCIM-92-R002
Title: Numerical Solutions of Some Semiconductor Devices by a Domain Decomposition Method
Author: Choi-Hong Lai and Chris Greenough
Origin: RAL, October '92
Number: ERCIM-92-R001