Second ERCIM Workshop 'Rapid Integration of Software Engineering Techniques'

by Nicolas Guelfi

The Rapid Integration of Software Engineering Techniques (RISE) Working Group held the second edition of its international workshop in Heraklion, Crete, Greece on 8-9 September, 2005. Forty papers were submitted to the workshop, of which nineteen were selected. The proceedings of RISE are expected to be published in the Springer LNCS series (last year's volume was No. 3474).

Six sessions were organized covering many aspects of the integration of complementary mature software engineering techniques. This year we covered areas such as modelling safety case evolution; practical approaches to mapping UML to VHDL; context-aware service composition in pervasive computing environments; techniques for representing product line core assets in MDA/PIM for automation; formal development of reactive fault-tolerant systems; stepwise feature introduction in practice; prototyping domain-specific formal languages; and aspects and contracts.

Second ERCIM RISE Workshop.
Second ERCIM RISE Workshop.

The keynote talk was given by Bertrand Meyer, Professor of Software Engineering at ETH Zürich, and Founder and Chief Architect of Eiffel Software in California. He is the inventor of the 'Design by Contract' method, and author of many books, including 'Object-Oriented Software Construction', 'Reusable Software', 'Introduction to the Theory of Programming Languages' and 'Eiffel: The Language'. Both his talk and the discussion it generated were very productive for the workshop.
Last but not least, we thank our Greek partner Anthony Savidis from FORTH, who organized our wonderful stay in Crete.

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