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< Contents ERCIM News No. 63, October 2005
INRIA - Call for proposals for 2006-2007 Cooperative Research Initiatives. INRIA launched a new call for proposals targeted at the scientific community in France and in Europe. This program aims to foster the rapid emergence of certain topics, encourage initiatives by young research scientists and support synergies between teams having different and complementary skills. These initiatives also are a means for INRIA to open itself up to new research partnerships. External collaborations are largely open in to INRIA’s priviledged European partners such as the members of ERCIM and transfrontier projects are encouraged.

The allocated resources support research activities for two years. The present call for proposals concerns a sum that is not entirely defined yet but that should be close to 500 KEuros per year over two years. Around ten proposals could be selected after this call.

Cooperative research initiatives are intended to support already begun scientific activities that are not connected to a short term transfer project. It is not necessary to set up industrial partnerships or development initiatives in this context. This however could happen at a later stage. The potential applications remains an important element in the assessment of proposals.

Concerning the definition of themes for the initiatives, emphasis is placed on the priority challenges set by the INRIA’s scientific policy. All proposals will however be examined according to their merits. Cooperative research initiatives must make it possible to launch research initiatives that could not be undertaken otherwise, or with difficulty. Proposals that include more than one geographical site have priority once they are scientifically justified.

The application deadline is 10 November 2005.