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The IFIP TC-13 (Human-Computer Interface) biannual flagship conference INTERACT 2003 took place from 1-5 September 2003 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland.

INTERACT 2003 was the ninth conference in the series of IFIP TC13 INTERACT international conferences; it is the first time that this conference was held in Switzerland. The conference was hosted by the Swiss Informatics Society (SI) which is the largest academic Informatics society in Switzerland with more than a thousand members. The conference had a total of 472 attendees from 34 countries. Its three-day technical program included full papers, short papers, panels, interactive experiences, posters, and keynote speeches, and in addition a two-day program including tutorials, workshops, and doctoral consortiums.

The INTERACT 2003 proceedings are available from IOS press under the title 'Human-Computer Interaction INTERACT-03' edited by Matthias Rauterberg, Marino Menozzi and Janet Wesson. The proceedings include the 82 full papers (selected from 241 submission), 64 short papers (selected from 125 submissions) as well as abstracts relating to accepted submissions in other categories. The details are 1156 pages, ISBN: 1 58603 363 8, price: US$201 from

The conference chairs were Prof. Matthias Rauterberg (University of Eindhoven) and Prof. Helmut Krueger (ETH Zurich). Chairs of the International Program Committee were Markus Stolze (IBM, Zurich) and Fabio Paterno (CNR, Pisa).

The next INTERACT conference will be INTERACT 2005, which will be held in fall 2005 in Rome.

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